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I have a zanussi fridge freezer, one year old. The fridge seems

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I have a zanussi fridge freezer, one year old. The fridge seems to no longer work, but the freezer is fine. Mystery.
Can you post the model number of the appliance please?

Is there a build up of ice anywhere in the freezer compartment?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I can't find the paper work. Yes there has been some build up of ice on the doors of the freezer draws, and it does seem things inside are a bit I ire looking.
Is it a problem that I can't find the model no? Bought at XXXXX XXXXX, probably the smaller type of fridge freezer, in 2012.
OK, thanks for that.

You should have a label in the fridge, normally behind the salad drawers.

If the freezer is iced up, it's very likely you have a parasitic fridge that is cooled by cold air blown up from the freezer.
This isn't happening as the ice will have blocked the ducting between fridge and freezer.

There are other possible causes but this is the most common.

Find somewhere to keep your frozen food and empty your machine.

Unplug it, open the doors and leave it (in a warm room) for at least 48 hours to thoroughly defrost.

Once this has been done, plug it in and close the doors.
The blockage should have gone by now and the appliance should work properly again.

Try it out, see how it goes and get back to me if you need more help.

Hope this helps
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Have found the number behind the salad tray ZRB324NWO
Serial no. 21200189.

Does the leak at the back and ice on the pipe look serious? See my previous message.
Will trying turning it off still be an option?
Sorry, I don't see anything about a leak or ice on a pipe.

Where is the pipe with ice on it?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
At the bottom at the back of the machine. I pulled it out to look for a number.
Did you get the no.?
Serial no 21200189
[email protected]

Yes, I got the model thanks.

If the pipe outside the machine is iced over, you have a system fault and this will need a refrigeration engineer to sort it out.

Contact XXXXX XXXXX, you should have a 2 year warranty on your machine.
XXXXX XXXXX always give an extra year warranty.

Your machine will still need a defrost, it may be worth trying that and if it sorts it out, you can always cancel the engineer visit.

Hope this helps
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