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My AEG Competence B6100-1 needed to tb depowered in order to

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My AEG Competence B6100-1 needed to tb depowered in order to switch off the cooling fan long after an ordinary bake session, and now there is no power or response at the control panel, its dead. What action can i take here?
Can you post the product number (PNC) from the label in the door recess please?
It begins with 9 so you need to prefix it with A to prevent it being crossed out when posted.

eg. A914419941 00

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

A944 181 746

Thanks for that.

If you've confirmed there's power getting to the main control board, I'm afraid it suggests the board has failed.

Part of the failure may have been the relay for the cooling fan sticking.

The part number for the board is #8996619268031
Unfortunately, it's no longer available.

Check the part number at some suppliers, it should confirm it's obsolete.

Sorry it's not good news.
Hope this helps
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for the research done so far.


There must be one item in the system that actually allows nothing to happen. If the relay you mention is bust, other parts of the circuit board output would still be active, say clock or any of the display lights, so what one conditional component do you reckon has failed, whether on pcb or any remote component, such that nothing goes?


I have the pcb out and there is no obvious burn out or failure to be seen, hence the above question. The thermal cutout according to other sources can be the cu;lprit but I do not even know where that is on the oven. Please tell me.




Sorry, don't do component level on these as there's no information of that type supplied by AEG.

The thermal cut out would mean you don't get mains voltage at the elements, you would still get something at the board.


You appear to intimate that you are getting power into the appliance and this goes direct to the board.


Have you tested for continuity between the board and the wall outlet?

If not, you need to test this.



Customer: replied 4 years ago.


Thanks for the swift response.


The power comes straight up to the PT101 and 104 terminals uninterrupted.


I was thinking that if it went permanently closed (if that is the in-op state) the pcb would say ‘no go’ until the condition was rectified.


Most peculiar, as I would like to have seen some fault code appearing on the display, but instead i have absolutely nothing to go on while I throw the whole oven out to replace it. Stupid.


I thank you for the help given me. a most difficult job being remoted and going on the ramblings of the general public.




I had another look at the wiring diagram and the cut out is in line with the common output from the board to the elements.

If power is getting to the board, I'm afraid it's the board at fault.

Good luck with a replacement.

Hope this helped
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