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canuck the pro
canuck the pro, Plumber
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Hi there! I have a HOOVER frost free plus fridge freezer HNMF

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Hi there!
I have a HOOVER frost free plus fridge freezer
HNMF 3906 A
No 34000781
It's been turned off for 3 days to rest it,
Fridge was not chilling..could hear fans working in both fridge & freezer, noticed the super light never comes on, I did turn dial at the top to super and after half a day to 4, but no change in fridge..freezer got too cold so turned it back to 3..freezer was good but no change in fridge. During this time I noticed the two vents at back of fridge and tried in both positions no change?!?
Always very clean, never over filled with food items.
Turned it back on freezer is good fridge is taking time.
A year ago notice same issue but other way round, cleaned some mildue at porthole of fridge and turned off..then it was good to go.
At present no mildue in porthole clean and no liquids coming from a porthole..if it is one from freezer bottom front edge of it? Please can you help advice and what the dials are for? lol at the mo it's comon sence and trial and maybe error. Many thanks Lisa

canuck the pro :

Hi, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I have been in the home improvement and repair field for 20 years. I will be very glad to help you today. When you had it turned off did you have it unplugged also?

Customer: Hi mike! No it is plugged in Behind the fridge freezer..and there's a switch on wall at worktop level, so plug was off but not with plug out of wall
Customer: Oh and thank you I'm hoping u can help
canuck the pro :

You are very welcome. When you do have it plugged in does the compressor seem really hot?

Customer: Not sure what you mean by compressor..inside fridge was getting warm if that helps!?!
canuck the pro :

It is on the back at the bottom. You would have to remove the lower back panel to access it.

Customer: So I need to pull out for access at back of fridge
canuck the pro :

Yes. It seems there is a mechanical failure if after being off for so long it still does not get cold. When you had it off for the time, did you leave the doors open or closed?

Customer: Ok I've pulled out, the bottom part of unit on the mesh area is warm, doors were closed and compressor is not hot but tepid warm
canuck the pro :

When you had turned it off originally, was it because it had stopped cooling altogether?

Customer: I turned it off..was due to fridge not cooling at all warm inside, freezer was fine but if I turned the dial it got frost on items.
canuck the pro :

Did you have the fridge and freezer empty of all items?

Customer: Fridge has been on since 12 it's not normal cooling and inside is cool but not the temp u expect
canuck the pro :

Is the temperature setting on the fridge on a low setting?

Customer: Yes no food items inside, just empty it's and cool packs
Customer: It's on 3 at present
canuck the pro :

What is likely happening is that you were on the right track when you turned it off but the ice that is causing the blockage was unable to clear because the doors were closed. If you try the same thing it should only take overnight but leave the doors open. It sounds like it partially cleared the blockage but not totally.

Customer: It's* sorry predict txt pots was the word
canuck the pro :

It does not sound like there is a mechanical issue but what may be happening is either the door seal is worn or sometimes the door is not getting closed completely. This will cause excessive frost internally and on the evaporator. Sorry I didn't understand your last message.

Customer: Right I understand..under the bottom of freezer draw there wasn't lots of water but what was to be expected as it wasn't all fosted up
canuck the pro :

That makes sense. Is there any water in the bottom of the fridge itself?

Customer: No
Customer: And the back tray I presume is empty
Customer: Presuming I ment if it is a water tray looks clear
canuck the pro :

Ok good. One more defrosting overnight will get it going the way it should. Yes we can assume the tray is empty. So little water goes into it that it will evaporate before it is full. The bottom of the fridge being empty of water is enough evidence that the drain and pan are functioning .

Customer: How do you tell if the seals gone! As both do shut :-/
Customer: Both got suction
canuck the pro :

Usually you can tell with a visual inspection. They are likely fine if you don't see anything obvious.

canuck the pro :

Try closing both and open one side then close it firmly. See if it causes the other side to open.

Customer: No look as the day I bought... I did notice on the freezer door, every now and then there was a light brown streak like something like a drip effect..inside middle of freezer door when open
Customer: It's got wiped but happens again at times
canuck the pro :

That streak might indicate that the seal is not being made. Maybe an item inside the freezer is keeping it from closing completely at times. You can keep an eye on it. Sometimes it may take time to find what has caused the door to not be closed completely or now that you are aware it may never happen again.

Customer: Like 3/4 down on door..not anything like a leak from juice leaking from fridge and not from a seal literally in middle of door inside
canuck the pro :

The drip mark would likely be condensation from a time when the door was not completely closed because an item got in the way or something along those lines. Shortly after the item may have been removed and the door closed all the way.

Customer: And not from freezer items leaking
canuck the pro :

Maybe that too if something was put in there that was not frozen yet. More likely the door not being closed as described. Now that it is brought to attention I doubt it will be an issue anymore. Let it defrost overnight with the doors open (It is inside and not in the garage?) and it will be working fine tomorrow.

Customer: So your advice leave off over night doors open, unplugged..then setting dial on what number? and can you tell me that little tray run at back bottom of unit is for both fridge and freezer! And some guide line regarding the yep dial is that for both or just freezer? Why does the super light not come on? Sorry for all the questions
Customer: It's inside house
Customer: How can u remove any mildue in the overflow run
canuck the pro :

No worries about the questions, that is what I am here for . It won't matter what the dials are on when it is off but when turning it on turn to the lowest setting and turning up the desired temperature in increments instead of putting it on the desired temp to start. The dial is labeled yep? Super indicates that the dial is turned all the way up. It is the highest setting in the freezer.

canuck the pro :

The pan is a condensate drain. The condensate is so little that it evaporates from the little pan and does not need to be drained anywhere.

Customer: That light doesn't come on and hasn't for a while before this, bad I know one of those out of sight out of mind things
canuck the pro :

No doubt if it has been on that setting then the light was on. Maybe it turns off when it has reached temperature.

Customer: Dial is not labled up just says 1-2-3-4 then • and then super light is on stating its on but super light never comes on
canuck the pro :

If you turn the dial down does the super light not turn off?

Customer: Phone sorry ..super never comes on I ment and standard light does as the units on :D
canuck the pro :

No problem. So the lights are indicating the function they are supposed to then?

Customer: The light to say machine is on is green but the super light never comes on stopped working a while back before this
Customer: Problem with fridge
Customer: I've noticed for a while it not coming on but ignored it that's what I ment..even when I turn it to super
canuck the pro :

Interesting. Could be a fault in the control. The issue may continue to present no further troubles than a lost function. It should continue to function as it has.

Customer: Ok mike thank you so much for your time and patience, I really appreciate your advice, so I'll give it another life line if not then ill have to get a new one ay! lol :D fingers crossed
Customer: whats the life line of a fridge or a fridge freezer?
canuck the pro :

Oh that is a loaded question. I would say you can expect 8-10 years and could easily last 15-20 years.

canuck the pro :

You are very welcome by the way. I am glad to help.

Customer: Hahaha well to be fair it must be atleast on its 8th year maybe 9th so fair do's :D thank you👍😁
canuck the pro :

You are welcome. I have a feeling you can keep it going for a while longer!

Customer: Been brought up to be clean, respectfull and respect your belongings..most important kindness to others. You could eat your dinner off it. hahaha😆
canuck the pro :

I'll be over in a bit! I love eating straight from the fridge!!

Customer: Hahaha don't we all save on washing up cheeky 😉😆hope you have a good day on rest of your shift
canuck the pro :

Thank you!

Customer: Fair well good sir
canuck the pro :

You too. Have a great night!

Customer: Christmas is here! Hahahaha
canuck the pro :

Um. Ok.

Customer: No no you was a delight but this fridge has stod me up for 3 days
canuck the pro :

Ah gotcha. Thank you. You are delightful too.

Customer: Thanking you so we shall say our goodbyes 🙋
canuck the pro :

Maybe so. Just use the smiley faces and I shall bid adieu.

Customer: 😜
canuck the pro :

Is the rating system working? There have been troubles the last couple days.

Customer: It's not letting me press a face :(
canuck the pro :

Ok i can have it done manually. It has been a bit hit and miss for some reason.

Customer: Ok please as I'm a happy customer
canuck the pro :

Will do.

Customer: How long will it take please?
canuck the pro :

I submitted it, You don't have to wait. Sorry.

Customer: Ok thank you
canuck the pro :

Thank you also.

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