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Gary, Handyman
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I had a HK854400FB Induction hob installed two weeks ago. On

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I had a HK854400FB Induction hob installed two weeks ago. On installation it tripped the RCD. The kitchen installer's electricXXXXX XXXXXed the RCD to 63 amps. The hob worked for a few days, then tripped occasionally on switching on but today has always tripped on switching or within 2 minutes. Today, An electrician checked the continuity of the hob circuit, including the switch (was also bypassed in one test) the "breaker" and RCD which were also changed but the hob kept tripping on switching on.

Any advise please?
Hi and thank you for using Just Answer;

In reading your question here it sounds like you are getting a "short" when you turn on your appliance. In reading the manual it says - Induction cooking zone 2300W, with Power Function 3200 W. In figuring out your "breaker" rating you take the 3200 and devide that by the voltage (ie. 220 volts) In figuring this, each burner will require a breaker size of 14.5454. Which means that it will take a 15 amp breaker per burner in which you times that by 4 and you will get an answer of 58.1816. Meaning a 60 amp breaker minium.

My guess is that since you had this problem since "new" it sounds like there is a short inside of the stove unit. Now the question I have is, does this trip the "breaker" on every burner unit? If so then you can narrow down the problem by where it is tied into the stove. It could be something as simple as the connection not being totally tight and thus causing the problem. It also could mean that when they wired your stove, someone could have "missed wired" it. Since this is a 4 burner unit, you can narrow it down by seeing which one causes the breaker to trip. Just turn on one at a time and see what happens. If they all trip the breaker then refer back to where the unit ties into your hard wire and follow it into the stove and see is you can see anything out of the ordinary. Meaning for example 3 red wires and one white wire tied together, and seeing 3 white wires and 1 red wire tied together. If the other wires are tied into the same colors such as 4 blacks and 4 greeens then the problem is the manufacture missed placed 1 red and 1 white. By changing it around so you have 4 reds and 4 whites would take care of the short you are experiencing.

Check this out first. I would ask that you please turn off the breaker before opening up the stove to expose the wires. Once you are there check to see if all connectors are "tight" . Sometimes when they are put together they don't nessessary clamp down tightly to the wire connectors. Please let me know how this works out. If you have any more questions just let me know.
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