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canuck the pro
canuck the pro, Plumber
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Hi, I have a TVOnics HD500. I just retuned channels. For

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Hi, I have a TVOnics HD500. I just retuned channels. For the BBC Channels, it has chosen the Highlands and Islands Transmitter - signal weak. For all the other channels the Central Transmitter has been chosen (ITV, Channel 4, Film4, Dave etc etc) - signal strong.

Can I fix this ?

Have tried re-tuning, twice, to no avail.

Phil - Edinburgh

canuck the pro :

Hi, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I have been in the home improvement and repair field for 20 years. I will be very glad to help you today. There is not a way to boost the signal as of yet but there will be an upgrade that will help with that. Keep an eye out for the update and also an update to transmit the audio signal in Dolby.

canuck the pro :

This whole technology is very new. The TvOnics HD500 is highly rated as one of the best overall on the market.

Customer: Hi - I get that but previously it has chosen a more 'Central' transmitter for the BBC Channels. When asked to chose Scotland, then a region at the end of the tuning cycle, why are there two separate transmitters for the two channel groups ?
canuck the pro :

The two groups transmit on a different type of signal. Anything that is not on that same digital multiplex will have different strength of signal.. The signal travels differently than the old bunny ears on the TV.

Customer: So, in short, there is nothing I can do about this then ?
canuck the pro :

The update should straighten all of that out as this technology is so new TvOnics wants to stay the leader. You cannot do anything about it now but it will be solved in the future. No one is sure when yet.

Customer: . . . but TVOnics has been bought out, yeah ? As far as I'm aware I can't get any support a I bought my box from XXXXX XXXXX when TVOnics we're not bought out . . .
canuck the pro :

They are still developing the technology. As of yet there is not a way to combine the digital multiplex signals.

canuck the pro :

It's what I have been waiting for before I get one.

Customer: Ok - last question - any idea why I've lost sound when I go to the iPlayer ? I then have to re-boot the box when I come back to normal telly . . .
canuck the pro :

The iPlayer is connected to HDMI on the box?

canuck the pro :

When you are not using it do you turn the box off or just the TV?

Customer: No - T.V. connected to the box via a Scart cable. Internet connected via Ethernet Cable to the box.
Customer: i usually switch both TV and Tvonics box to standby after use . . .
canuck the pro :

Have you updated the software?

Customer: every time I check it says it's running the latest version and there are no updates. Just tried iPlayer just now - not working at all.
Customer: And now excitingly enough it won't change channel via a number or the guide. <<groans>>
canuck the pro :

Could be that it is overheating. If you turn it off instead of leaving it on standby when not in use that should solve it considering it is intermittent.

canuck the pro :

Does it seem to do it more when it has been running for a while?

Customer: It's always done it but you may be right as it was fine for the first few months. I gave up and watched iPlayer on my tablet.
canuck the pro :

I have the same problem with my box. I would leave it on and lose functions. I finally figured it was overheating since it seemed to have the troubles mostly after a couple hours of use. After I started turning it off overnight it started functioning normally. No more issues now.

Customer: Which means switching it off at the wall or pulling out the power cable since no on/off switch, right ?
canuck the pro :

There is not an off/on only standby?

Customer: correct - a bit crude. I remember it being one of the negatives when I reviewed it.
canuck the pro :

That part I did not know. Is it in a cabinet? Maybe move it to a more ventilated shelf or put a small fan behind it . Maybe one of those laptop cooling pads.

Full Size Image

Customer: That's an idea. It just sits on a table, next to the T.V.
canuck the pro :

If you don't have a laptop cooling pad then put a fan on it for now and see if that solves the issues. If it does then the cooling pad will fix it. No point spending the money before a beta test.

Customer: Thanks for your help - will look out for the Upgrade. It is a very cool little box.
canuck the pro :

Yes it is. You are very welcome.

Customer: Yup
canuck the pro :

Well have a great day. Let me know if you have trouble with the rating system. It has been troublesome and not working very well today.

Customer: Yup
canuck the pro :


canuck the pro :

No worries if it isn't working. I can have it processed. Kinda goes with the whole subject matter,eh?

canuck the pro :

Thank you, Phil!

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