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canuck the pro
canuck the pro, Plumber
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Baumatic bd1632 - failing to drain water from tub at the end

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Baumatic bd1632 - failing to drain water from tub at the end of the wash

Is there a simple fix?

canuck the pro :

Hi, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I have been in the home improvement and repair field for 20 years. I will be very glad to help you today. If you look at where the drain connects under the sink and disconnect it. It is connected by a hose clamp. Have some rags ready as there may be some leaking. Check for a blockage there. If there is not a blockage there have you cleaned the filter?

Customer: Hey Mike
canuck the pro :

Hi, what's your name?

Customer: ive just taken the waste pipe off and no blockage appears there. Also removed and cleaned the section of plastic piping it attaches to but nothing blocking that either. I did blow down the waste pipe to see if bubbles appeared in the washer; noise but no bubbles. Joe
Customer: Wondering whether I need to use a small plunger to dislodge any fat or grim build up which may be causing the issue
canuck the pro :

Hi Joe. Have you cleaned the filter at the bottom of the basin? Do you have the manual? If you do not have the manual I can send it.

Customer: No idea where the manual is unfortunately. I've taken out the filters and cleaned prior to re running a cycle
canuck the pro :

So there was no blockage there and the problem persists? The filters were quite clean?

Customer: The three parts that are removable, and I am presuming are the filters, have all been cleaned and no debris remains on them
canuck the pro :

Does it sound like the pump is humming during the drain cycle? There is no error code?

canuck the pro :

Does the sink drain well?

Customer: It doesn't appear to making more noise than usual. The sink is draining as normal. Would it be worth putting a degreasing product through the cycle?
canuck the pro :

No. It is always better to physically remove a blockage rather than chemically. Sometimes that will cause more troubles than repair them. Do you have a bucket, Joe? If you disconnect the drain hose again and run the dishwasher on a rinse cycle, and direct the drain hose into a bucket, does it flow then?

Customer: I'll give that a go later. Unfortunately I've got to go out to a family event now, brilliant timing from the dishwasher. Thanks for your help. I'm guessing if it doesn't drain into the bucket the pump has gone?
canuck the pro :

If it isn't the simple things then the pump may simply have a blockage in it. It could be that the pump is needing replacement but doubtful. I think we just need to find what is blocking it up. I am thinking that there will be a blockage that may get pumped out when the drain is disconnected. The next thing we will do if that does not clear it is remove the pump and check to see if we can clear a blockage there. Hopefully we can avoid the minor surgery. We can pick it up whenever it is convenient for you. Let me know if the suggestions become out of your comfort zone. If at some point you would feel better getting a tech just let me know. I will chat with you later. Have a good night!

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