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canuck the pro
canuck the pro, Plumber
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Hi, I have a Beko condenser dryer which has started leaking

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I have a Beko condenser dryer which has started leaking at the back on the right hand side just below the trap door where the grey outlet pipes are housed. I have opened the trap door and looked underneath the dryer but cannot find where the water is coming from, although I can see it to the left hand side of the trap door. If I tip the dryer backwards is just pours out just under the hinges of the trap door. The model is a DSC64W,

Can you advise?

Many Thanks Steph

canuck the pro :

Hi, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I have been in the home improvement and repair field for 20 years. I will be very glad to help you today. Have you been emptying the water tank after each use?

Customer: Hi Mike,The water drains into a little bucket at the side of the dryer, so the water tank does not fill up, but I have checked it today and also cleaned the filter inside the machine and the one at the bottom at the front of the dryer.
canuck the pro :

Any chance the water from the bottom had not been empty when the dryer was tipped? Have you been in the habit of emptying that after every use?

Customer: I am not sure I understand what you asked, however...I discovered this earlier today and tipped the machine and got all the water out, as the dry kept turning off.... Once I had drained it, I put another load in and when it was dry noticed the water on the floor again, I have tipped it up and got all the water out , but can't figure out wher it is coming from or why it is suddenly leaking.
canuck the pro :

Do you still have the manual?

Customer: Yes, but it's not been much help, it only really covers the drying programs, and filter cleaning etc, not much help at all with what I am experiencing unfortunately.
canuck the pro :

Do you see in the section for maintenance and cleaning there is a description of how to empty the water tank?

Customer: Yes you just pull it out and empty it, but as it is empty and not even wet! I am not sure that is the problem. I have the pipe going from the dryer into a little bucket I have at the side of the dryer, it is easier to spot when it is full and then I empty it, and up until today it has worker perfectly....
canuck the pro :

Ok. So you have piped it so that instead of emptying into the tank it is emptying into the bucket instead? So now no water will go into the tank? Is the hose leaking?

Customer: No, it doesn't appear to be, just checked.... It's coming out from further along the machine....somehow.
canuck the pro :

You will have to remove the back panel and see if there is a hose leaking. The water may collect at the bottom of the machine because it is leaking internally and when you tip it then it pours from wherever it is collecting. Be sure to disconnect the power.

canuck the pro :

To be clear, you have pulled open the drawer at the bottom and confirmed that tray is empty of water? If you pull the drawer all the way out is there a blockage at the very back where the water would drain into the tray? Possibly the issue is that is blocked if you do not get water into the tray.

Customer: Taken the back off and there was more water coming from a little plastic fan, on the left had side I would have to take the lid off and the big back panel to really get into the internal workings to see if there is a hose broken, I guess I will have to get some one out or get a new machine, the water doesn't go into the tray. Because the water pipe is no connected to go into the tray, but to the bucket.
canuck the pro :

Has the bucket seemed to fill less quickly recently?

Customer: I haven't really noticed, but I have just emptied it, so I will keep an eye on it tonight, and I guess if there is no water in it or less, it maybe a problem with the hose is working fine in every other way. I will just need to keep tipping it after each cycle to drain the water out, until I can get someone out..
canuck the pro :

I am pretty sure the issue is likely that there is a blockage in that hose closer to the base and all the water is not able to drain out and is backing up into the machine. If the hose you have goes up and then down then the water is getting trapped in the hose and backing up. If you make sure that the hose you have there is grading away from the machine and does not go up first allowing water to get trapped in it. That is likely all it is. Hopefully I can save you from having to call someone out.

Customer: Unfortunately the hose is at the bottom of the machine and it has to go up to go in the bucket, however would it work better if I connected it so it went into the water tray in the machine and not the bucket, if yer how would I do that?
canuck the pro :

Hard to say how to reverse whatever was done to have the hose that way. Do you have a different container you can use that has a lower rim? Possibly simply replacing the bucket with a tray will solve the issue. That way you can get the hose to lay a bit lower. The lower the hose lays the better drainage it will get. The water will back up into the machine as high as the highest point of the hose.

canuck the pro :

Is there a floor drain there?

Customer: I will try that and see what happens. Thanks Mike.
canuck the pro :

You are very welcome.

canuck the pro :

If you have a floor drain then maybe just extend the hose to the floor drain. That would also mean no more emptying the bucket!

canuck the pro :

You can get a little pump too.

canuck the pro :

Full Size Image

canuck the pro :

Then direct the hose into the condensate pump and another hose from there to the washer drain.

Customer: I don't have a floor drain, but I will try a tray and see how I get on. I will think about the pump too.
canuck the pro :

Very good. I think we have saved having to get a service person out. Since there is no error code and everything works fine otherwise I am sure that is what is at issue is the hose addition configuration.

Customer: Cheers..... Fingers crossed.
canuck the pro :


canuck the pro :

Let me know if you have trouble with the rating system. There have been troubles the last couple days. I can still have it processed. I just have to email the moderator.

Customer: Yes it keeps saying I have too wait for a reply! What should I do?
canuck the pro :

How about now? If it does not work then I will email it in. Sorry for the trouble they should have the bug fixed soon.

Customer: No, still not working, I would rate that I have had good service if you can pass that on?
canuck the pro :

Will do. Thank you so much. Sorry for the troubles.

Customer: No problem. Have a good evening and thanks for your help.
canuck the pro :

You are very welcome

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