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canuck the pro
canuck the pro, Plumber
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I have a side by side fridge freezer GW-P227HLYV with water

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I have a side by side fridge freezer GW-P227HLYV with water and ice dispenser, minibar door etc. The water comes from a container in the fridge. Currently the water is not coming through from the fridge to the ice tray or water dispenser, please advise.

Many thanks,

canuck the pro :

Hi, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I have been in the home improvement and repair field for 20 years. I will be very glad to help you today. Do you still have items in the fridge? You mentioned that you had unplugged it, did you leave it for 24 hrs with the doors open?

Customer: Hi,
canuck the pro :

Hello! May I have your name?

Customer: I emptied the freezer and left the door open for a few worked last year when the same thing happened, but not this time. Should I repeat for a longer period of time?
canuck the pro :

I'm thinking that the line in the door has frozen. Have you ever changed the water filter? Could be that also.

Customer: The water is from a container in the fridge, I filter the water before putting it into the container. Do I also have a filter somewhere?
canuck the pro :

Oh. I couldn't find the manual for that fridge so I am going on pure fridge knowledge...

canuck the pro :

Where does that line go? Is there a pump that pumps it to the dispenser?

Customer: Yes, I can hear the pump working, but no water comes out.
canuck the pro :

So the line goes through the freezer? Or the line goes out the back or bottom of the fridge and along the back of the fridge/freezer and into the freezer? Do you keep your fridge pretty cold? If you remove the bottom drawer out of the fridge is the water line coiled up there? Usually a lot of line is coiled up there to chill the water so that when you get it out of the dispenser the water is cold. Possibly the line is frozen there. All the other functions are good though, eh?

Customer: Everything is working except the water dispenser. I can't see any trace of the line, it's well hidden, with the water container halfway down the fridge door and the ice dispenser at. the top of the freezer door. The hinges are quite large both top and bottom, so am unsure which way the line goes. Perhaps I should repeat what I did yesterday for longer, this time emptying the fridge as well and leaving it for a full 24 hours?
canuck the pro :

It will almost certainly solve it. I will also offer what may have caused it. If you keep your freezer pretty stocked you may want to be sure that when placing items in the freezer that no items block the vents feeding the cold to the freezer. The evaporator that produces the cold will get cold and a fan blows the cold air in. There is a very small weak heater that warms the evaporator on a timer. If there was not a heater the evaporator would freeze and the cold would no longer be regulated and the freezer would get colder than the setting. If the vent was blocked some the cold air would cause the evaporator to freeze more than the heater can handle. this same effect can be caused if the door of the freezer does not get closed very well or the door seal is worn. So that is why letting the appliance defrost really well will solve the issue. Look to be sure that the condensate drain at the bottom of the fridge is clear too.

Customer: Brilliant, will try this out. Thanks for all your advice.
canuck the pro :

You are very welcome. I will always be here to help. I quit sleeping back in 89!

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