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KevinWhiteJA, Home Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
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Experience:  Worked on appliances for more than 15 years
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I have a zanussi 1400 7kg washing machine. Zwf14581w that was

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I have a zanussi 1400 7kg washing machine. Zwf14581w that was working this morning but now won't start. No error codes stored (pressed start & button to left) . Only symptom prior to this was you had to press the start button a couple of times for the Machine to start.

KevinWhiteJA :

Hi, welcome to Just answer

KevinWhiteJA :

OK, Lets check if we can get any error code out of the unit through this method...To do this turn the dial to any setting and let it light up...After this is done press and hold the start button and the button to the left. Keep them held in for several seconds then the led's will go out. Now the start light and the end light will be flashing. Please count the total number of flashes from each the start light and the end light between the pause and let me know.

Customer: Kevin, this is not working but I'm not sure I'm doing the right thing as the start light is flashing continuously.
KevinWhiteJA :

OK, unplug the washer and then plug it back after 3-5 minutes...after this try the above procedure again...also let me know how old is it ?

Customer: not sure of age probably 5-7 yrs
KevinWhiteJA :

ok please try it again and let me know what you get

Customer: ok will do
KevinWhiteJA :


Customer: same result . I unplugged and tried holding start & extra rinse button and initially the display flashed Err but then returned to the programme setting. Start light still flashing continuously
KevinWhiteJA :

Ok, the previous cycle was complete and there was no water left inside...right ?

Customer: Correct
KevinWhiteJA :

and the door is closed completely ?

KevinWhiteJA :

I mean door gets locked as it was doing earlier ?

Customer: Yes door is closed and positive click to register latch is i
Customer: is engaged
Customer: A few months ago I changed the interlock but had been working fine since, upto today
KevinWhiteJA :

OK, as it is also not giving any error codes..I am afraid the problem is the main control module itself that is bad and will need replacement

KevinWhiteJA :

sorry about the bad news....but a new one will cost around £160

Customer: Is that the only possible explanation ?
KevinWhiteJA :

Yes you can try to take it apart, remove the fascia and also blow it through the small hose connected to the pressure switch...then give some taps on the pressure switch...I dont think that is causing the problem but may be you can had to press start button couple of times so this itself indicates that the problem is with the control

Customer: Ok thanks for the advise given the age of the machine it's probably worth buying a new one.
KevinWhiteJA :

Yes getting the control replaced by someone will cost you around £230 so a new one is a good option

KevinWhiteJA :

You can get back to me if you need any assistance and I will help with no additional charges.....Is there anything else I can assist you with today ?

Customer: No, that's fine just wanted to know if I could repair this again before I went out to buy a new one.
KevinWhiteJA :

I understand....Excellent feedback is appreciated if you are satisfied with my assistance....Have a Good Evening

KevinWhiteJA :

Please don't forget to leave a Excellent or Good feedback so that I can get paid for the assistance that I have provided today...Thank You :)

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