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How do I fit a AEG Refrigerator Temperature Probe Part

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How do I fit a AEG Refrigerator Temperature Probe

Part number: XXXXXXXXXX
Can you post the product number (PNC) of the appliance please?
It's on a label in the fridge and it begins with 9.

You'll need to prefix the number with A to prevent it being crossed out.

eg. A914419941 00

You will also need to do this with the part number of the sensor as it's showing as XXXXXXXXXXX
Prefix the number with A and I'll be able to see it.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

My product is an AEG SANTO 3274 - 7KG Fridge/Freezer


PNC no. - A924016220


spare part ordered - A 20859159115037

(Refrigerator Temperature Probe) but I don't know if this is the right part to fix fault.

The temperature display showing a square and inside fridge, the back panel is cover up with thick frost/ice.


Hope this gives you enough info



OK, thanks for that.
Is the square the upper half of an 8 or the lower half?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It is the upper half of eight

Thanks for that.

There are 3 sensors on the appliance.

The upper square indicates the sensor on the evaporator has failed.
Unfortunately, the part number for the fridge evaporator sensor is different to the one you have.

It's also foamed in and very difficult to change.

The part number I have is #2080861038

I do have the service manual but the instructions for changing the sensor are very minimal.

I can supply a copy of the page which may help.
Basically, you need the facia off so you can pull the sensors out.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.


Thanks for your help and could you please email a copy of the page

It may be the one I have but has no instructions.


I thought the wrong one was ordered but I can return it and get the right one.

We will see if we can fix it but may have to send for the service engineer


Many thanks for your help, much appreciated

If you copy the following into a new browser window, it will download the page from the service manual.

It looks as clear as mud I'm afraid but it's all there is to tell you how to change the sensors, apart from the instructions sometimes with the sensor.

Hope it helps
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