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Neff K8524X4GB/02 fridge freezer, stopped cooling. Power supply

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Neff K8524X4GB/02 fridge freezer, stopped cooling. Power supply OK. When Mains power is on Fridge light illuminates when door is opened, temp indicator flashing no matter what temp is selected. There is a low frequency buzz sound, duration about 1 sec repeating about every 11 or 12 sec. Help please? Owner/householder is OAP who cannot afford the crazy NEFF call out charge
Is the sound from the bottom rear of the machine and does it click when the sounds stops?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes it is in the area of the Motor at the lower rear of the appliance. I had checked all the obvious things before removing the fridge freezer from its 'built in' Kitchen unit

OK, thanks for that.

You would need to take the appliance out to check but, it's extremely likely the compressor has jammed and is now very hot from trying to repeatedly start.

It's not a diy job and you would need to get a refrigeration engineer to attach gauges and a vacuum pump to the compressor pipework to determine the exact cause.

If it's a faulty compressor then it may be repairable by changing the compressor and refilling the system with refrigerant.
Approx cost would be around the £200 mark.

Sorry, not good news or a simply fix and certainly not going to be an inexpensive repair.

If the system has blocked then it may not be repairable.

Check it out, get back to me if you need more help or information.
If it's an older machine, you may well want to consider using the potential cost of repair against a new machine.

Hope this helps
Let me know if you need more information or help
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for the info. There is no 'click' after the buzz. I guess the owner will have to call a Neff guy after all.

The click may be too soft to hear while the machine is integrated.
Normally, the relay switches on, the compressor hums or buzzes then the relay switches off due to the overload protection cutting in.

As it cools a little, it repeats the process.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi again, there is absolutely no sound of the compressor motor trying to start so I guess it might be a failed or failing relay.

Until you take the appliance out, you can't tell if the compressor is trying to start.

If it is, it will be very hot.

In your initial post you mention the low hum that last a second, that could be the compressor.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi again. Sorry I thought I had mentioned at the start that I had checked the normal things (fuses etc) before removing the complete Fridge/freezer from the Kitchen unit. that is how I identified that the 'buzz was from the rear of the unit in the area of the compressor tank. Buzz is definitely not the normal sound from the motor/compressor running. On looking back at my responses I mentioned removing the fridge from thre unit in my first response to you.


OK, sorry, I missed the removal part.


If it's out, is the compressor hot?



Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The Tank is only warm

OK, when you hear the hum, feel the compressor.
You should be able to feel if it's being powered.

However, as it's warm it would suggest that it's being powered.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Definitely not a Hum of the compressor running. When it was in place in them Kitchen Cabinet you could hear the type of hum I believe you mean. this is definitelly a Buzz rather like some Door buzzers hence my thoughts that it is a relay problem.

When the buzz occurs I can feel the buzz through the wall of the tank.

OK, the tank you refer to is the compressor.
I think it's jammed.

The relay is a simple switch on this and I don't think it could make the same noise, it would be a chattering if it went wrong.

However, as there's no cooling, the compressor isn't pumping refrigerant around so I'm afraid it's still the same as earlier.
It's going to be an expensive repair.

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