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I have a Seimens dishwasher SE25M275GB/36 which has developed

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I have a Seimens dishwasher SE25M275GB/36 which has developed a fault. The pump runs continuously even when I open the door and even when I push the reset buttons. The pump is doing it's job but is not shutting off when the sump is clear. I removed the rubber non return valve and clean and replaced and proved it is not at fault. I can only think it is either the main board or is there a sensor in the sump?
The most common causes of this problem are a spillage/leak of water into the base, activating the anti flood device, or, you have restrictions in the internal pipework preventing it resetting properly.

Unplug the appliance.
Take it out (even if it's integrated) and take the side panels off.
(If free standing, you need the top off first).

Remove any water in the base.
Once removed the anti flood device will reset.

Try the machine again, watch it working, if it has a leak you need to locate and cure this to rectify the fault.

Check it out, see what you find and get back t me if you need more help.

Obviously, if you cannot do the work yourself, you'll need someone in to do it for you .

Hope this helps
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

There is no blockage to the discharge pipework and no leak into the base. What should I check next?

I said the internal pipework, not the drain hose.

Tell me all that you have checked as I've just typed up the most common causes and you've rejected them, so you've obviously done a lot more work than you've posted.

Have you had the metering tank and pressure chambers off?
Have you checked the microswitch on the anti flood device?
Does the control panel work properly?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi. The control panel works fine (I can hear contacts making when I push the reset but does not stop the pump) and programme changes when I select the programmes but pump still continues to run. Checked micro switch on flood device, all OK.


Have not had the metering tank and pressure chambers off yet. I am an air conditioning engineer so understand electromechanical principals. How does the controller know when to stop the pump or is it local control i.e via a level sensor etc wired thru the pump?



OK, if the microswitch on the anti flood device isn't activated you need to take the circuit board out of the control panel.
Check to see if there's dry joints or burning on it.

The pressure chamber controls the water level.
The flushing process is timed.