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Hi there, we were gifted a Zanussi Fridge/Freezer model CB3401

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Hi there, we were gifted a Zanussi Fridge/Freezer model CB3401 C when we moved house last October. We are constantly having issues with water draining from the back plate onto the bottom of the fridge, under the left-hand side crisper bin. As far as I can figure, the drain outlet pipe is blocked with what my cotton tip tells me is slimey scum, so that the evaporating water cannot pour away. How can I clean this properly to remove the blockage, without having to call a service tech to the house?
Can you post the product number of the appliance please?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

All the info I have is what is on the barcoded sticker at the back of the fridge: CB 340 1C XXXXXXXXX Is this what you need? Sorry, we were not given a manual or any paperwork, just the fridge.

Thanks for that.

You'll need a long length of flexible wire to clear the drain tube.

Your cotton bud isn't long enough for the job.
The tube goes to about 6 inches off the floor so you can gauge the length of wire.

Poke the wire down the drain tube and use it to "rod" the tube clear.
Once clear pour 1/2 a cup of mild bleach solution down the drain hole to kill the bacteria in the drain tube.

Once this is done you shouldn't get the water in the bottom any more.

Try it out, see how it goes and get back to me if you need more help.

Hope this helps
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