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Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith, Home Appliance Technician
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CANNON CHICHESTER gas oven Model - 10572G. Blew 3amp fuse,

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CANNON CHICHESTER gas oven Model - 10572G.
Blew 3amp fuse, replaced fuse and when switched on a bang was heard and slight smell of burnt plastic. Could be mouse damage to cable or smoothing capacitor blown. Will remove rear inspection plate for examination. If it is smoothing, have you the values or information on type for a replacement (this in case component is too damaged). Gas to hob and upper oven unaffected but requires external ignition.
Have you been able to check the cable - it would be easy to replace if needed
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have done nothing yet but I will in next couple of days. If cable has been damaged it will be easy to spot and replace but if the smoothing capacitor (or one forum mentions a varistor) is damaged so I can't read info off it do you have any info on replacement (code, values, where to purchase etc.)? There are some mouse droppings behind the cooker so they may be the culprits. I have not used this site before so will I be able to contact you or someone if I need more info?

yes, do not respond now - come back once you have looked and the question will still be open awaiting your reply
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have checked the cabling and found dead mouse across contacts. Tested Live and Neutral and the were connected. The smoothing "capacitor" was split around edges, when I removed it the short disappeared. Obviously I need new "capacitor". Numbers on red disc were 275L20 0224. Looked on internet and found this on Farnell site;


Code V275LA20AP - LA VARISTOR SERIES (14 dia is same as mine). Do you agree that this is a suitable replacement?

I think you have done really well, I think the replacement will cure your problem
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