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I have a PRT295FFCS. The freezer door will not close because

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I have a PRT295FFCS. The freezer door will not close because the top two drawers are pushed forward. The rear panel behind them seems to be bulging, pushing the drawers out. the door closes OK with just the bottom drawer in. I have tried to keep the door closed with tape but the temp is showing as 1C and the alarm is on.
Fridge is 5C.
This would be a Prestige appliance?

If it is, you have a fault on the defrost circuit or, the door may have been left open, leading to a blockage in the evaporator behind the panels.
The build up of ice is pushing the panels out, forcing the drawers forward and preventing the door closing.

Empty the machine.
Unplug it and take the rear panels inside the freezer out.

They will likely be frozen in place so you may need to wait till it defrosts a bit or you could introduce warmth to help it defrost.

When you get the panels off, fully defrost the evaporator (mass of pipework) and the area below it.
Ensure the drain channel and drain hole are clear too.

Reassemble, plug it in and see how it works.

If the fault comes back very quickly, you'll need to check the defrost heater to see if it's failed.

If it was simply a blockage, the machine should work fine again and the door will close.

Try it, see how it goes and get back to me if you need more help.

If you can't take the panels off, leave the machine to fully defrost, at least 24 hours, doors open and in a warm room.

Then try it again.

Hope this helps
Let me know how it goes or if you need more help.
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