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i have a belling cooker hood that has two light fittings just

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i have a belling cooker hood that has two light fittings just under the extractor fan,neither of the lights are working (after a bulb blew). i have taken the fitting out to take a look, and there appears to be nothing obvious wrong. i would replace the fitting, but there doesnt appear to be anywhere that i can disconnect the fitting from the electrical wiring other than by just cutting the wires i.e the wires arent actually held in with a screw (as in a plug). Ay advice?
The wires are gripped by metal plates as it's pushed in.
You have to cut the wire at the end of the holder and make new if you change the fittings.

What type of bulb is it?

Can you post the model number of the hood please?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

its a prescot merseyside L 35 2XW

CHIM 90 Black


Model 1K2BE


The bulb is just a candle small screw cap (max 40W)


Would there be any reason for the fitting to have failed, none of the wires are loose, i have checked the switch and it seems ok

No, I wouldn't suspect the fitting to be honest.

Did both bulbs blow or only 1?
Did they both stop working at the same time?

Look into the bulb holder.
There's a copper strip across the bottom.
Lift the strip up a bit, don't snap it though.

Screw the bulbs in and try the hood again.

If still the same, you need to trace the wires back to the switches/control and see if that's the source of the problem.

Let me know what you find.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

yes have tried that - still doesnt work.


i have traced the wires back to the switches. All the wiring appears ok, but on the back of the circuit board i can see a copper circuit line which appears to connect the light switch to the live connection - a large part of this copper circuit has fallen off, there is also some scorch marks on the plastic cover near the switch for the light - so it looks like there has been some sort of shorting in the circuit.


Do you know can these switches be purchased or am i looking at an electrician to repair the circuit?

On a quick search for the board, it's coming up as obsolete.

You would need to check with Belling or a spares supplier to see if the board is available.

It's worth tracing the burned out track and using a thin jumper wire (soldered either end of the burned out track) to see if this is the only damage to the circuit.
This would get it running again if there's no other damage.

Try it, see how it goes and get back to me.

Hope this helps

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thanks soldering is beyond the limits of my capabilities i am afraid, time to call someone

Sorry to hear that.

I've been having another look but can't find the switches for your machine. The obsolete ones are for a Comet branded hood, with the same model number.

Good luck with the repair.

Hope this helped
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