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i want to fit a Bosch WVH28421GB (air cooled Condenser) washing

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i want to fit a Bosch WVH28421GB (air cooled Condenser) washing machine on a boat. The problem is that the doorway to the cabin is 520mm and too narrow . How easy is it to dismantle the machine sufficiently to get it through the doorway. Can either the back panel and/or the front panel come off ?

also, is possible to cut away a say 60mm x 60mm x 60mm "L shaped" section of the lower edge of the back casing, so that the appliance can be moved outboard and sit over a steel frame that sticks out approx 50mm?
I am Tech Michael and I will be assisting you today.
Please be patient with us as these are technical questions and some testing may be required.
It may take a bit of back and forth conversation to be sure we have all the information in order to make a proper diagnosis.
The panes will come off, but Im not sire if that will buy you enough room yet. You may still need to cut away some of the frame.
I will check into this further for you but even with the panes removed it will only save you about 4 inches.
I will research this further for you so I can tell you where to safely cut and how much. I will stick with you until we have this working in your boat, but since this may take some time, if you will rate my service in a positive fashion thus far before you close this page, the system will allow me to schedule free follow ups with you and also ensure your question will NOT close or time out;-)
You will then be able to contact me at anytime at no additional cost until we have this fixed for you.

Thank you XXXXX

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

hello Michael

unfortunately we cannot cut the steel frame away as that is an important part of the hull structure but its not the end of the world if we cannot cut into the appliance casing and it sticks out of the locker. My most pressing problem is getting the appliance the cabin doorway which is only 520mm wide. I need to know if the back and/or front panels of the appliance as well as the control panel, can be disassembled, as that will determine how much of the doorway frame and structure we need to remove. The current OA depth of the appliance is 590mm so removing the front panel and control panel would reduce the appliance depth to 560mm which would help but mean curtting away one side of the door frame. Ideally we'd take off the front and the back panels, which would reduce the OA depth to 530mm - still not enough to get through the doorway without amendment but we'd then only have to remove the door frame stops, which is a lot easier than removing the whole door frame.

Hi David, I wasn't talking about the boat lol!
What I was speaking of is the machine itself.
there are some places you can trim to fit it through the door way if yo need, that wont affect the appearance or operation of the machine.
But you may be able to fit this by removing the cover alone;-)
It will be close.
Thank you
Tech Michael
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


I do need more specific info and detail about whether or not the front cover and control panel and/or the back cover of this Bosch washer dryer can be dismantled, or if that that won't help if there is some part of the mechanism that still sticks out , or if dismantling is not possible for any reason such as if the panels are, say, spot welded. Also where and by how much would i be able to cut away the machine case and frame at the base?



Hi David, the front panels come off the back has a panel but that wont save you much space.
i have someone working on the exact dims once the fronts are off , I will let you know asap.
Thanks for your patience :-)