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Gary, Handyman
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How do I access the different oven functions on a Samsung bt621?

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How do I access the different oven functions on a Samsung bt621? No clue in very feeble manual and I seem to be stuck with convection.

Thank you for using Just Answer. Per your question here I was wondering if you can go into detail a little more. The knob on the left allows you to set your oven as you see fit. The one on the right sets your cooking tempure. Enclosed is a web site that has a better understandable manual for you to follow.

My question is that if you have tried the manual listed above or if you have one like this already and you tried what it says ... then are you saying that this unit isn't working? Please excuse me for asking, but I want to make sure I understand your problem correctly so that I can help you in the way you understand. Please let me know.

Thank you

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi Gary - didn't explain myself well but neighbour solved problem. Select oven,whole or half or whatever. Press button with square icon. Use selector dial for function - I'd got that far - and when at one you want,press square icon again to confirm. I was failing to do this and after 5 seconds it cuts out, reckoning you're an idiot. Which I am!
Many thanks anyway,
Hi Diana,

No you aren't an idiot. With the way they make appliances today you just have to wonder what the engineers were thinking. They try to make things simple, but they put way to much thought into it thus confusing the consumer. You weren't the only one who had this confused problem. And yes I agree with you the manuals they make noadays don't help/explain much either. Anyways I'm glad you got it taken care of and I hope you enjoy you new found adventure with this oven.

You have a great day and if there is anything else you need, please note you are welcomed back. I wish yo the best.