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drcool299, Home Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
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Experience:  I have been an Appliance tech for the past 15 years. Worked on most of the branded appliances.
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Beko cda539fw2 fridge freezer inoperative. Compressor switches

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Beko cda539fw2 fridge freezer inoperative. Compressor switches on and immediately off again.

drcool299 :

Hello, sounds like a common problem of the starting components. Bu there i also a possibility of just a dirty condenser. Have you checked the condenser coil of the unit if i is dirty? if there is a fan near the compressor, is the fan running? if the compressor is so hot, unplug the unit and put a damped rag on top of the compressor to cool it down until you can hold your palm on top of the compressor. if you can now hold your palm , plug it back and observe if the compressor would now run continuously. Please let me know what happened.

Customer: Condenser coil and all components totally clean, unit has been switched off all night and is quite cold but compressor still switches off within two seconds of switch-on.
drcool299 :

Hello, Thank you for those info. Then you can have a starting component problem, or worst case is, you have a bad compressor. But you can not test the compressor unless you replaced the starting components.

drcool299 :

I you would decide to invest money on the starting components, you can try removing the plastic cover at the side of the compressor. Un plug the unit first for your safety.

Customer: I have removed the white plastic cover, all cables are connected correctly with nothing loose. One of the switches inside this cover is the one which is clicking off as soon as the compressor starts. What would you suggest?
drcool299 : I suggest you unplug the unit, replace both components as well as a capacitor in case you find a running capacitor near the compressor. The thing that clicks is the overload relay. It means it is drawing too much current that is why it is tripping off. it could be a bad relay or a bad compressor or a bad capacitor if there is one.
Customer: Thanks for your help, I have found a local repair agent who stocks this item so I will replace it myself and see what happens,
drcool299 :

ok. Let me know what the result is. I just hoped it would just be the relays or capacitor and not the compressor itself.

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