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Optima 148-80 8kg machine. Start/pause switch has recessed

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Optima 148-80 8kg machine.

Start/pause switch has recessed into interior of panel and does not operate machine



When this happens most of the time its just the small control board has popped out from the back so just needs reclipping back in.


What you need to do is pull the washer out and remove the top.

From there look behind the plastic control panel on the inside and you will then see the control board.


If its fallen out just push it back into place and it should clip in and hold in place.


If the frame has broken then it will need to be replaced.


But check it out and see what you find but most of the time it just needs reclipping back into place.


If you need anymore info just get back to me.



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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Appears to be nothing broken but will not clip back into place

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Very difficult to access front of circuit board



Ok if its not clipping back in the locating tabs will have broken off.


Sometimes you can see small hole on the edge of the frame were you can screw it to the plastic control panel.


But all that board does is clips into the frame so if it has come out its either unclipped out or the locating tabs have broken.


If you cannot see how it goes can you post a picture of the

back of the control panel?



Customer: replied 3 years ago.

It isn't clear to me what you mean by the 'plastic control panel'.

The front of the machine, into which all the buttons and controls are set

(on the right hand side) is a single piece moulding and it does not seem possible to remove this.


When I lift off the top, I see, behind the switches, a green circuit board.

The switch is on the other, front, side of the circuit board.

I'll send you a photo from my iPhone of the front panel, tell me to what e-mail address I should send it please.



Ok you may need to remove the complete front control panel to get better access to it.


Pull the soap drawer out and there you will see a few screws, remove these.

Then look on top of the plastic control panel and either end you will see a screw. Take these out and from there you can remove the complete plastic front panel.


With this loose you can then get better access to the front control board and try and refit it back into place from there.


Let me know if you can do it that way.



Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I've taken out the screws to the soap tray but there are no other screws that I can see on that front panel



Ok you may need to slide the plastic side trims backwards on top were the lid slids in.

So slid them back and lift off and then you can access the front screw.



Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Done, still won't slide or lift off



If you have all the screws out of the drawer and the screws on top then it should lift up and off. If its not doing it then its hard for me to tell you why without seeing it.


Can you not access the control board behind that panel at all?


If not then without removing that panel its going to be hard as being online we can only tell you how its done im afraid.



Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Screws to drawer (2) are set in barrels, part of moulding of front panel.

They're freeing, but won't come all the way out. Could that be problem?




Its possible its them screws as I think they need to be fully removed to allow the panel to come off so try and remove them and then see if it comes off.



Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No play OK, finally got cover off (there are two latches on bottom of panel inside to circular casing inside front wall.


Switch is now to front of panel again but no spring return to it.


Running a wash now but not sure if the start/pause button will work a second time.


Thanks for all your efforts anyway.