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I have a Creda double oven cooker model no 48197 the light

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I have a Creda double oven cooker model no 48197 the light in the control panel is not working. How do I remove the control panel to change the bulb
Welcome, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be helping you with your problem today. If anything isn't clear, please just ask me.

This is actually way more complicated than you might think, it includes having to take the side panels off.

If you want I can try to type up some instructions, or you may prefer to live without the flourescent tube??

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Please will you inform me how to remove side panels and access control panel light
Hi Cruse

Please give me a few minutes while i type it up for you


You have to remove both side panels from the cooker.
These are be held by 3 small screws at the front,behind the oven doors, and another 3 at the rear.
Then, the panels slide back approx 1 inch.
From this position, they simply come off.
Once these are off, you need to remove the screws holding on the hob.
There should be 2 at the rear, just below the spacer.
These unscrew vertically.
A further 2 screws hold the hob in place.
These are located near to the front on both sides, these are only now exposed with the side panels removed.
Remove these, then simply lift the hob up.
Do not remove it completely, simply move it back a little and let it sit there
You will now see a metal plate with 2 groups of wires going into it.
It is held on with 4 screws, 2 on either side.
Remove these and the bulb is attached to the rear of this metal plate.
The bulb is a F13W/35 fluorescent.

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