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Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith, Home Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
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Experience:  Gas cooker specialist
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Hi i am looking to create a kitchen which does nit have an

Customer Question

Hi i am looking to create a kitchen which does nit have an outside door or window and would like to install a gas cooker what ventilation do I need other than an extractor fan to the outside?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Andrew Smith replied 3 years ago.

Andrew Smith : It depends on the size of the room and the input of the cooker
Andrew Smith : The extractor will make things worse by removing the air from the room also
Andrew Smith : You will need at least 100cm2 to start with
JACUSTOMER-ax9jzxw4- :

The room is approx 18m square with two fixed roof lights

JACUSTOMER-ax9jzxw4- :

I was looking at a double gas oven with 4 gas burners, 60cm wide

Andrew Smith : To be sure, you will need the kW rating of the aplliance
JACUSTOMER-ax9jzxw4- :

It says 1.24kw

Andrew Smith : Total input? That's not much for 4 rings and a double oven?
JACUSTOMER-ax9jzxw4- :

Oh I will look again at the specification

JACUSTOMER-ax9jzxw4- :

The burners are:

JACUSTOMER-ax9jzxw4- :

1 x 2.9 kw, 2 x 2 and 1 x 1 = 11.9

JACUSTOMER-ax9jzxw4- :

It only gives the oven capacity as 34 and 79 litres?

JACUSTOMER-ax9jzxw4- :

The 1.24kw was for the electrical conection

Andrew Smith : You should allow 3kW per oven too
Andrew Smith : So 18kW
Andrew Smith : normal appliances require 5cm2 per kW
Andrew Smith : so 100cm2 should suffice
Andrew Smith : a typical 9 x 6 ventilation grille
JACUSTOMER-ax9jzxw4- :

So are you saying I just need one ventilation grill in the outside wall plus an extraction fan to take away cooking smells and it will be compliant?

Andrew Smith : The extractor fan makes it worse as when it is running it is removing oxygen from the room that you need to replace
Andrew Smith : You may need to put in another 100cm2 to compensate for this appliance
JACUSTOMER-ax9jzxw4- :

So a re-circulation fan then or NO FAN

Andrew Smith : Re-circ fan is fine
JACUSTOMER-ax9jzxw4- :

OK so to clarify then a re-circulation fan NOT EXTRACTION Fan and One ventilation grill and we are ok?

Andrew Smith : yes, should be fine
JACUSTOMER-ax9jzxw4- :

The room is already built but the existing consumer unit that has been installed would not take an electrical appliance so I am looking at gas

Andrew Smith : not an excuse for not fitting a CO2 alarm to make sure
JACUSTOMER-ax9jzxw4- :

Ok so 1 x ventilation gril, re-circulation fan and a carbon monoxide alarm, anything else? I have never had a gas oven always electric with a separate gas hob so this is all new to me. But i have a small catering business so will be using the oven daily

Andrew Smith : it will be fine, the CO alarm will ensure you are safe
JACUSTOMER-ax9jzxw4- :

Should this be hard wired like a smoke detector or battery? Can you get them hard wired?

Andrew Smith : you can get hard wired with battery back up
Andrew Smith :
JACUSTOMER-ax9jzxw4- :

Right Ok Thanks for all the info wouldn't like to pass out whilst making cupcakes!

Andrew Smith : No problem