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I have a hotpoint DE47X/2 4200-4500W fan oven. When I turn

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I have a hotpoint DE47X/2 4200-4500W fan oven.
When I turn oven on it heats up and then the element turns itself off after about 4 or 5 mins. If I open the door, element will switch on again. It looks like a thermostat problem - is this likely to be the case? If so are spares easy to find and fit?
Sorry, not quite following your fault description.

It heats up to temperature?
Then the temperature indicator goes off?
If left, what happens?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

When oven switched on the element is glowing red as normal, reaching temp at usual speed. It then switches itself off after several minutes and stays off. However if I open oven door it will switch itself back on, but then turn itself off again after several minutes

OK, opening the door, does it come on immediately you open the door, or after a period of time?

Have you tried leaving it to see how long it takes to come back on?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

It comes on after a few minutes i.e. I guess once the oven has cooled down a bit. We close door again and element turns off after a few mins. I am not sure but I presume with door shut, element will come on again after a longer wait while once oven cools right down again.

I think the oven reaches the correct temperature at the start, but then does not sustain because it turns itself off .

OK, that's what I need you to determine.
If it's staying off too long and the oven cools down, then it comes on again. Your thermostat is certainly the faulty item.

It's the opening of the door part that's throwing it all off.
It's not relevant to the fault.

You can get a new thermostat from the likes of
Parts are easily obtainable.

I can't say if it's going to be easy to fit as I've no idea of your skills.
For me, it's a straight forward job that requires the power off, the top and rear panel of the machine off and the thermostat phial released inside the oven cavity.

You take the thermostat off at the facia panel, swap the wiring to the new one and fit the new one in place.

Push the phial out the oven cavity and then take the old thermostat fully out.

Uncoil the new thermostat phial and capillary carefully.
Fit the phial through the hole into the oven cavity and fit it in place.

Reassemble, restore the power, set the clock and try the oven.

It should now work as it should.

Hope this helps
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


I'll see if oven turns itself on and off repeatedly with door shut.

I agree door has nothing to do with it - the oven just cools faster with it open so that the element can restart again sooner.

If this is not the case can I come back to you?

Yes, that's my thoughts too, opening the door is only accelerating the switching on of the light.

Obviously, it should go out when the oven is hot enough and come on when the temperature drops it comes back on.

Yes, of course, even after you rate the answer you can come back if you find you need more help with it.

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