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Hi there I have a zanussi in built microwave ZMB30CST - it

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Hi there I have a zanussi in built microwave ZMB30CST - it is not heating anything although it seems to be operating normally - when you start cooking the timer counts down but the plate does not revolve and there is no "cooking" noise - can you tell me what the problem is and what parts will be required to fix it

Many thanks
Difficult for diy repair this.

The most likely cause of the non cooking part is the magnetron, but, it could be an inline fuse, a transformer or all of them.

Did the table stop turning before this, after this or at the same time?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The table stopped turning at the same time - does that point to something specific in terms of one of the parts you mention ?

No, I wanted to know if it was related or not.

It would suggest there's damage to the board that controls the motor and magnetron though.

It really needs opening up and components testing to try and narrow down the fault.

Do you have, and can you use a multimeter?

I have to advise, a microwave can store a charge of over 4000 volts, even when unplugged.
You should have the knowledge and tools to safely discharge this before working on it.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Ok noted - I don't have a multimeter but my mate is an electrician and has one - will that enable me to identify which part needs replacing ?


Does it sound as if it possibly isn't worth repairing ?



It may not identify it, but it should narrow it down

For something to be not worth repairing it would be something for you to decide.

It's integrated which makes it a more expensive item.
However, if it's an old item (over 5/6 years old) then if it were mine, I'd be replacing it. I wouldn't even think of replacing parts on it.

Any idea how old your machine is?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Its at least 7 years old maybe as long as 9 which is why I asked the question really - I was just trying to establish whether it was an easy fix or not - to get it repaired by calling someone out looks like it would be c£75 call out and then parts say magnetron £100 ? plus other bits at the very least


Sounds like a visit to currys !


Any final suggestions ??



British Gas, £125 inclusive of parts and labour, if they cover your area and no charge if not repairable.

Knowhow, about the same price but you need to check with them.

This also assumes the parts are still available.

Sorry, £125 is probably 1/3rd to 1/4 the price of a replacement.

I'd not be fixing it at 9 year old if it were mine.

I'd also be tempted to replace it with a free standing machine and making a frame around that to simulate integration.
As long as there's space and an air vent, it's no different to the integrated ones.

Keeps the replacement cost down and you have a bigger choice of much cheaper machines.

Hope this helps
Let me know if you need more help.

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