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Hi.i have a Zanussi Washer Dryer ZWD14270W1. On pressing the

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Hi.i have a Zanussi Washer Dryer ZWD14270W1. On pressing the start button when wash cycle selected there are a few clicks and the green start button flashes and nothing happens. There were no error codes up. i held dpwn the start button and and the button next to it and the error code Ed4 was displayed. When dryer cycle WAS initially selected the drum was rotating OK and the fan running (I removed the top) but the air duct stayed cold.i removed all 4 connections at the end of the electrical heating element to see if the machine would wash. (You gave me this advice 2 years ago and on the previous occasion it did wash confirming the element was faulty and when element replaced machine worked fine) With the electrical heating element disconnecetd a wash cycle was selected and the start button pressed. It flashes red and E40 fault code is shown. When in this mode if i press the start button and the adjacent button fault code E41 shows.
I then reconnected the heating element and again followed some instructions you gave me last time to see if this would fix it; Turned the control know to off ; pressed and held down the start and adjacent buttons ; when holding down turned the control knob 1 position clockwise to the first wash cycle ; the LEDs flashed ; I released both buttons ; the LEDs were scrolling ; I turned the knob through each position clockwise until I got to "Off" ; during the rotation pf the know to the off position 8.88 and ED4 was showing on the display. I then turned one position clockwise to first wash programme and screen indicated ELE then ED4? Machine was bought approx 2007



Ok so the fault now is when you try and start the washer going are you getting error code E40?


Have you already replaced the dryer element?



Customer: replied 3 years ago.
With the heater element all connected and pressing the start button with the machine in wash mode no code is shown. the machine clicks a few times and the green start button flashes but no code is shown. The machine does not work. When i press the start button and adjacent button the fault code which is displayed is Ed4. I replaced the heater element 2 years ago but not recently. The person using the machine has said that it has been intermittently problematic in terms of not washing.



Ok if its showing ED4 again then its more then likely the dryer heater has failed again.


These are a big problem on these as if they don't use the dryer often then what happens moisture builds up inside the dryer element and cause the insulation in the dryer heater to fail and this messes the electronics up and creates the ed4 error code and stops the washer from working.


If you disconnect the dryer heater then it should work as normal on wash again. But if you or who ever is using the washer don't use the dryer side then you can just leave it disconnected.


Or if you do replace the dryer heater and you need to run the dryer at least 2-3 times a month and that will stop this from happeing again.


If you need anymore info just get back to me.



Customer: replied 3 years ago.
As indicated in my original note I disconnected the 4 cables to the heating element for the dryer and the machine would not wash. 2 years ago the advice was to disconnect the heater to check if the wash cycle worked ok and it did. This time it does not. I provided info on the further checks I did in my original note . Thanks



Ok so when you disconnect the 4 heater wires is it still doing the same in the washer will lock and then the start light flashing?


As at one point in you question you say you get E41 error code are you still getting this?



Customer: replied 3 years ago.
When the 4 heater element cables were removed I selected a wash cycle and the unit locked. The flashing start button on this occasion was flashing red and error E40 was showing. At this point when I also pressed the adjacent button fault E41 was shown. I had expected the wash cycle to work with the four heater elements disconnected. Thanks



Ok the E41 error code is a door related fault which is different from the ed4 error code.


Usually the E41 error code is either the door not closed, The metal pin in the door handle has come up so its not lining up in the lock when you close the door or the door lock itself is the fault.


What you can try first is remove the screws on the inside of the door and then use a small flat bladed screwdriver and split the door.

From there you will see the metal pin in the door handle. Make sure its pushed all the way down into the rim of the door.


But if that's all ok and you still get the E41 error code and its not starting up then its going to be a faulty door lock.


But thinking about the ED4 error code this may have been from the prev time you fixed it as the error codes don't erase themselves you need to do it otherwise it just stays in the memory of the control board so if you try and get the error code it my have shown the ED4 error code from 2 years ago,


But if the washer isn't stating but it just clicks then its something to do with the door lock usually the lock is the fault as over the years ive replaced loads of them for this fault.



Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi , I will be able check this out tomorrow evening as the machine is at a rented property. Just one other thing , whilst the machine was not able to run at all on the wash cycle, it did originally cause the drum to turn and the blower to come on when I tried the dry cycle. I saw the blower come on as I had the top of the machine removed. The duct with the air remained cold when placing my hand on it - would I not have expected this to get hot, or does a faulty door catch allow the drum to turn and the blower to come on but inhibits the element.



Ok sometimes the door lock can play up so that could be why it started up when you checked the dryer.


But when you set the dryer going it doesn't get hot straight away it will take about 5 mins before you start to feel any heat from there.


But check it out tomorrow and see what you find. Are you quite handy at diy repairs on machines? As if you want I can get you the service manual for this.


Click here for the manual then you can download and save it as that may help you when you are with the washer tomorrow.



Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thanks for information. I will check out tomorrow night and let you know. The information doesn't refer to the zanussi model but it looks pretty much the same!

The service manual is for the model number you posted.

They cover several different models but the electronics and test mode is all the same.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Ok thanks. Will let you know tomorrow
No worries speak tomorrow.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi just finished the checks starting with door and it door lock seems to be ok. I put it on dryer cycle with the top off and drum rotating ok and fan came on. Let it run for over 6 mins but duct remained cold. Then removed all connections from heater element again and with the element disconnected the machine operates on the wash cycles (unlike the original test I did) Looks like as a minimum the element is definitely faulty so I plan to replace this and see how it goes.



Ok replace the dryer element and fingers crossed this will sort it. As if the dryer isn't heating if it was anything else it will give a different error code. As its not then its a good chance its just the element itself at fault here.


Let me know how it goes once you have replaced the heater.



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