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I am considering buying a Hotpoint HUD61KS Dual Fuel Cooker.

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I am considering buying a Hotpoint HUD61KS Dual Fuel Cooker. I currently cook with gas only. There is a electric cooker point 9with orange "cooker on" switch within a couple of feet so no problem with that. The socket is in use to power a microwave oven, is there any way that I can check if the electric cooker switch stiil works and with the correct amperage.



The switch you see with the orange light on is it a double plate so it has the switch and a plug socket on it?


Also were the cooker is going to go on the back wall is there a spur socket were you can wire the cooker to?



Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The switch has a single socket where currently the microwave is plugged in with a normal switch next to it. On the same plate is the orange "Cooker On" switch.


There is no other socket/spur



Ok that switch is a 32 amp switch so that isn't a problem for the cooker.

But usually for these they have a junction box running down the wall going to behind were the cooker is going so it can be wired up there so you don't have the wire trailing up to the switch.


So look in cupboards next to were the oven is going and see if you can see a junction box so you can wire the oven up to it.


If not then you may need to get an electrician I to run a cable from the switch down behind the cooker so it can be wired up.


But that switch you see on the wall should be a 32 amp switch for the cooker so that part shouldn't be a problem.


If you need anymore info just get back to me.



Customer: replied 3 years ago.

On the basis that the current switch should be ok, does it matter if the lead trails up behind the cooker to the plate on a temporary basis and I will get the thing sorted asap. The distance from the top of the cooker to the plug socket is about 18".



No that shouldn't matter as long as it doesn't catch on anything. But you may need to cut a groove out of the socket to allow the wire to pass through it.


Some switches as cut out tabs you break others don't. If not you can try and drill a hole in the wall under the socket for the wire to go though and up the back with the rest of the wires in there.



Customer: replied 3 years ago.

As strictly amateur I must be missing something here. Does the cooker not just plug in or does whatever lead comes out of the cooker need to be hard wired into the socket (this is a free standing dual fuel cooker with gas hob and electric ovens)?


I'm afraid on these you cannot just plug this in as a plug top is just 13 amps were as this oven needs 32 amps. That's why it has to be hard wired into the switch on the wall.

As just plugged into a socket it will blow the fuse straight away. That's why it needs to be hard wired.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

So what comes out of the cooker will have a plug on it but the switch needs to be correctly wired to allow for correct amperage (presume the socket will be ok for the cooker as long as wiring to it is correct? The socket will not then be used for anything else or am I just better of having a spur put in behind the cooker. Sorry to be a pain but this is all new to me as I have only ever cooked with gas and I want to make sure I understand things before I buy.



Sorry for the delay.


When you get the new cooker it wont come with a plug on or even a mains cable. As this is something you need to get extra to install it so its just the cooker only.


When you come to install it you need to get a piece or cooker cable to wire it into the back of the cooker then into spur on the wall.


You will really need to get an electriance in to fit a spur behind there as that's the safest way to do these.

So if you get an electriance in they will also have the cooker wire anyway so they can do that part for you as well.



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