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Gary, Handyman
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I cannot get the mower to cut when I fit the grass deflector

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I cannot get the mower to cut when I fit the grass deflector engine cus out
Hi and thank you for using Just Answer;

For me to help you I would need the name, model and serial number of your mower.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Model M125-97HRB serial no.O32112D002289 Make McCULLOCH


In reviewing your question here I need you to check on a few things. First of all when it comes to putting on your bag, did you do the following?

To bagging
• Place deck into the high cut position.
• Remove the rear discharge deflector or mulching plug.
• Insert the discharge chute into the opening in the backplate
and onto the mower deck adaptor.
• Attach the chute to the tractor by applying the two wingnuts
to the flange of the chute.
• Install bagger onto tractor.

Even if you have, could you please recheck. As for the engine, you say it cuts out. I need to know as in how? In what you are saying, it does this when you install the bagging system. Is this correct? Does your mower work just fine otherwise? Please be pactient with me as i ask you these questions. I am not by any means trying to insult you. I just need to get a better understanding of what you are experiencing so I can help you obtain the problem in order for you to have it repaired.

Thank you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

when I put the bag collector on the mower works fine my problem is with the grass deflector cowel which I want to use instead of the bag there is a grey plug with two pins I push in rear of mower which goes in to the female socket this is supposed to bypass the connection plug that operates the mower when bag is on one of the pins is marked with the letters NC the other pinn must be positive could I be connecting them wrong way round if so could that be the problem many thanks for your help john


Hi John,

Many thanks for getting back to me. This helps, I just wanted to let you know that I will need a little time with this. Hopefully I'll have an answer for you tomorrow.

Hi John,

In looking at your situation, the problem sounds like it's in the connection where you put the plugs together. It looks to me that there is only one way that they go together on your unit. If you have a test light, please go to this web site and advance to page (3). This gives you the complete diagram for your mower.

Here you can see how all of your power is provided to the mower. With the test light, see if you have power to the plug. If you do, then snap the plugs together and see if you have power to the otherside. If should read current. In looking at the diagram all you need is to have the key on. You also will need someone to either sit in the seat, or have some weight in it so that switch will think someone is in there, and provide power to the needed items. This seat switch is your primary to everything and it's on account of safety. Once you confirm power to the plugs, move them around to see if you can break contact. These plugs are known to do that. With the vibration and bouncing along with removal and install, these fine needle connectors do break. You can try to use electrial contact grease as well. It'll protect the connection and help make contact.

If everything is fine there, look to your seat switch. Also make sure the wires are not or haven't been rubbing. Check for cracks for it will give you the same kind of problem. Outside of that, I'm willing to bet that if everything is fine when the bag is on, (like you said) and when you take it off your troubles start ... it's that plug. For some reason it isn't making the nessessary contact. Also double check the the ground wire as well. Something as simple as that being loose or dirty can give you the same kind of headache.

Please keep me inform as to what you find. If you have any other questions as to where to go, or what's next feel free to come on back. I'll be here.

I wish you the best.

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