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Weve just hooked up the water supply to our KAD62V40SA but

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We've just hooked up the water supply to our KAD62V40SA but any time we turn the water on it just leaks out (like it's overflowing). Unless we turn off the water nothing stops it. Any ideas? I've checked that the ice maker power is on and IWD Off is not showing on the display panel.

Gary :

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Gary :

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Can you tell me where the water is coming from? Any more information would be helpful.


Customer: replied 3 years ago.
It's from the ice maker. It seems that the water is coming in but if just overflows and then trickles underneath the ice box and down the back of the freezer. It's as if there's no route for the water to take or nothing controlling the flow.

Thank you for getting back. The problem is the water control valve. It is either stuck part ways or all the way open. This control valve works on a sensor. So it could be that as well. This sensor tells the valve when to open and close. It'll call for water when it wants to make ice. When water is allowed in, it'll fill the chambers to a certian level and then has it shut off. The heart of all of this is inside your ice maker.

The only question that remains is how new is your unit? If you just bought it, it'll be covered under warantee for up to 2 years in some cases. Beyond that, this repair would be on you. I can't find a complete part listing for the ice maker so it is either a dealer item, or you can't get any parts ... just a complete replacement.

I wish you the best ...

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