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I have a CDA CW781/2 integrated fridge, which has stopped cooling.

The light still comes on... Show More
The light still comes on, so it has power but simply stopped cooling. Any suggestions please or do I simply need to buy a new one?
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How old is your machine?

If you listen at the bottom area of the machine, do you hear the compressor at the bottom rear running?

Customer reply replied 3 years ago.

We moved in around 6 years ago, so it was new at that stage, so I guess its getting on.


Yes, I believe I can hear a noise, its not completely silent.

OK, thanks for that.
If the compressor is running and there's no cooling it would suggest either the compressor is weak and unable to pump the refrigerant around, there's a blockage in the internal pipework preventing the refrigerant being pumped around or, there's a leak and there's no refrigerant left in the machine.

If you went for worst case where you would need a new compressor and regas (refilled with new refrigerant) you would be looking at around £200 for the repair.

If it's a leak, it may not be repairable.

Either way, you would need a refrigeration engineer to repair this, it's not a diy fix I'm afraid.

Given the age of the appliance, I would have to suggest you give serious consideration to using the potential repair costs against the cost of a replacement appliance.

Sorry, not good news or a simple fix I'm afraid.

Hope this helps
Let me know if you need more help.
Customer reply replied 3 years ago.

Ok thank you; I suspected as much really. This is the first integrated fridge I have owned, so if I do replace it, are they standard size or should I ideally replace like for like i.e. an equivalent CDS Integrated fridge? Do they fit them, as obviously the door which matched the kitchen is attached. That part is what makes me nervous or buying a new one.

Your machine was made by Whirlpool and rebaged CDA.
It's an undercounter built in fridge.
It's standard width and it's standard height for fitting below a worktop.

Look around for a replacement (any brand) and as long as the measurements don't exceed 82cm high, 59.6cm wide and 54.4cm deep, it's definitely going to fit.

Hope this helps
Let me know if you need more help.
Customer reply replied 3 years ago.

Perfect, thank you for the dimensions.


You probably are not allowed to recommend a brand/model but if you can that would be great.


Otherwise, when you buy a new one, do they fit it for you and take the old one away or do I just need to buy it and they get someone out to fit and remove?


You normally have to pay extra for installation.

The likes of Currys will install and I would imagine most of the independent dealers would install.


Online suppliers, no, they don't install, simply deliver.


If you have a Euronics store nearby, they would be worth checking, they normally have the better service than the big stores.


There isn't a lot of difference in refrigeration. The more basic it is, the less there is to go wrong.

I wouldn't say 1 brand was better than another for this type of refrigeration appliance.

Good luck with the new one.