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I have a Samsung RS21 American style fridge freezer. The Freezer

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I have a Samsung RS21 American style fridge freezer. The Freezer side defrosts after about 12 hours of running. If you switch it off and back on again at the mains the fridge/freezer starts again. When it cuts out the freezer temp light flashes. I replaced the thermal fuse and defrost sensor. I took a reading of the evaporator heater element and this is reading about 246 ohms. The tray heater is reading about 1.6 ohms. I have tested for error codes but get none flashing up? Do you have any suggestions or what I could try next? Thank you.
You are correct. the temp light flashing on freezer side, mean something on the freezer side is failing. You replace/checked the sensors, def heater, therm fuse to all check good. Make sure the fan runs, sometimes you have to close door on these model, and peel back the door gasket to hear it. It may takes about 30 seconds for it to kick in. If that check good as well, then you will need to replace the main control board. If this information has assisted you, please leave me a positive rating...Thank you
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thank you for the quick reply. Is the ohm reading I gave ok for the evaporator heater element and where is the main control board located? Many thanks
I do not have the full model# XXXXX this unit. But, it will be located normally behind a 6x12 panel on the very back of the unit, yes pull it out, an go around back. If not there, look down while back there, remove the lower cover. It will be located on either side behind that panel, may be in a cover/box. I hope this helps...Thanks again.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Many thanks, XXXXX XXXXX check it out tomorrow.
You are welcome, please allow the a positive rating, if you have not already done so, for assisting you on this question.....I thank you very much.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi. Thanks for your previous help. I purchased another circuit board which was not quite the same, the same socket fittings but different components. This board did not work so I have reinstated the old circuit board so I can use the fridge again and just turn it on and off at the mains daily to keep it going. The fridge/freezer is now running as you can hear it humming and the lights are on ect but it's not getting cold? I can't hear a fan running which I used to hear. All the leads are where they should be. Do you have any suggestions? Many thanks
Well, you will need to verify if fan is running, test for voltage at that fan with door switch closed. If voltage, replace fan. If no voltage, then board will need replaced. Also check for ice keeping the fan from running. Make sure the cooling coil is frosting as it should be. Basically, cooling coil should be frosting up, and fan should run with doors closed. You have to have these thing running to get unit cold. That is the basics.....Thanks