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Gary, Handyman
Category: Appliance
Satisfied Customers: 246
Experience:  25 yrs experiance in home related repairs..This includes carpentry, electrical, plumbing, appliances
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Bosch Fridge Freezer KGH34X05GB. Hi, I bought this appliance

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Bosch Fridge Freezer KGH34X05GB.
Hi, I bought this appliance two years ago and the fridge now just turns itself off. The light works and so does the freezer but I find that the fridge is not cool and all of my food keeps going off! If I turn the thermostat up it sometimes kicks back in, but then hours later may have stopped working again. I have tried unplugging, defrosting, cleaning, gone through the manual. The problem is, that its intermittent (although it has happened every day this week). When I rang they said I am just out of warranty (by one month).
I thought Bosch was a good company but to be honest, my dishwasher needed replacing, my washing machine broke after 5yrs and now this. Not sure I will ever buy a Bosch product again. I had thought that your products should last at least two years?! I am really upset, dissapointed and frustrated and my food keeps rotting. I really hope you can help.

Gary :

Hi, and thank you for using Just Answer. I'm sorry about your frustration, I can understand totally. Please give me a minute so I can look up your fridge.

Gary :

I'm going to move this to Q&A. This will give us more time to work out your problem.

Hi ...

Here's what's going on ... what you have here is a defrost problem. The frig. at so many hours, turns the heater on at the bottom of the evaporator to melt the ice off. Yours has failed. What you need to repair your frig. is as follows; 1] defrost heater at bottom of evaporator 2] defrost termination thermostat on top of evaporator 3] defrost timer/ control board, could be in frig. or on back wall.

As for the warantee, I'm suprised that Bosh didn't step up to the plate. If you had contacted a local dealer I can see why they told you what they did. However, being one month out of warantee they would cover it. I would contact Bosch personally. Tell them what is going on and see if they would cover it. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

I wish you the best.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Gary, we have already tried defrosting, not making any difference. Is there anything else you can think of?


Your fidge/freezer is frost free right?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

yes, there is now some condensation in the bottom of the fridge and the light still works but it has now completely stopped working for at least the last 24 hours. Freezer is fine


This confirms my thoughts. Your fridge is cooled by the same compressor as your freezer. What is happening is condensation is freezing to the coils that is needed for air to blow through much like the air conditioner in your car. Since the condensation is freezing, it keeps doing so to the point that air cannot pass through. This is why they put a heater on this to prevent it from happening.

So in my above answer, it is one of those three. Have any more questions, please ask.

I wish you the best.


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Gary, your answer was polite but didn't solve the problem and in the end I had to pay over £100 for someone to come out, who then replaced the fan, so I had to pay for that too. I honestly don't feel that I gained £28 worth of service as the things you suggested I had already done.

When I signed up it asked me how much I would pay for good service and then before I even received the service I was charged. I feel a bit ripped off to be honest.


I'm sorry you feel that way ... It isn't our intention to take anyone for a ride here. It is always important for us to follow through with good customers like yourself. You have to understand that we can only go with information that people like you provide us. I'm not saying you gave me bad information, however what I told you what was happening is true. As for the fan, I'm glad it was something that small.

Not knowing how mechanical minded people are, you would have to understand that we can only guide people to the problem. It is clients like you that has to take it to the next level in what you are willing to do. Most clients don't and end up calling someone else out to repair the problem. As for the fan, you would have found it if you choose to do some diagnoses yourself. I nor anyone here will tell you to go out and replace parts without verifying that it is indeed broken. The service man who came out knew what to look for because he has done this so many times ... it becomes second nature. He knew it was a heater problem, but that problem could be cause by several factors ... all of which we would have gone through on a step by step basis.

This site is design for the do-it-yourselves, and most come here looking for something small in hopes that they could take care of it themselves so they don't have to call someone out. Again, this depends on clients like you who are willing to take it to the next level. Had you choose to go on, I would have worked with you and we would have found out that the fan was not working. Beyond that, if you have the ability to replace the fan yourself, fine. But you have to remember I don't know that. Either way you still would have to pay for the fan, and as for the service man, well calling him out would have been your call in your ability to do all of the things he had done to determined that the fan was indeed out. I had done my job, so you were not misleaded, or ripped off. You asked a question and I answered it ... and the answer I gave was correct in where to look. However said, it's too bad you feel that way, and I still wish you the best.
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