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Hi I have a Baumatic BF207BLM freestanding fridge freezer. About

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I have a Baumatic BF207BLM freestanding fridge freezer.

About six months ago I was working away from home for long periods and started switching it on and off as I did so as it was a) empty and b) was practically the only thing using (a lot of) electricity so seemed a waste of energy to leave it running.

After doing this only 2 or 3 times it refused to refridgerate one day. The lights came on, you could hear electrical things whirring around in the back, but no frosting up.

It's totally covered at the back of the appliance, so you can't see into anything happening there. There were no funny smells or back flow from the drainage hole inside.

I ended up unplugging it and using a spare countertop fridge I had, but now I am back permanently I need to decide whether to throw the Baumatic out or pay for repairs (it's not under warranty any more). I'd much rather keep and repair it, but don't want to pay out for an engineer to come if it is either a goner or there is something I can do myself?

Very interested and grateful to receive any tips!

Jane North
Plug it in.
After an hour or so, check the compressor at the bottom rear.
(black pot shaped item).

Is it running?
Is it very hot?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.



Yes it's running and very hot -



Thanks for that.

This is normally indicative of an internal blockage.
The pump is working harder to try and pump refrigerant around so it gets very hot.

You would need a refrigeration engineer to look at it, attach gauges and a vacuum pump to the compressor to see if it can be cleared.

It's not always repairable and can be costly, especially if a new compressor is required (pushes the bill over £200)

Sorry, not good news or a simple fix.

Hope this helps
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