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The part of the washing machine drawer which takes the softener

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The part of the washing machine drawer which takes the softener solution seems to be clogged resulting with the clothes still smelling of washing powder instead of sweet smelling softener.



Is it leaving the softner in the drawer still?



Customer: replied 3 years ago.

It appears to use some of the softener but leaves probably half in the drawer (say a tablespoon full spread around the compartment) but the main clue is that when the cycle finishes the clothes smell of washing powder and not fresh softener as they used to do.

Mike E.



Ok what you need to do is remove the soap drawer and give it a good clean out and were the softner goes give the tubes a clean as well.


Then look side the box were the drawer goes and look at the roof inside there.

Look above the softner section and there you will see a few holes. You need to get something thin like strimmer wire and push it into the hole and poke it down the channels.

As what happens is these channels block up and it stops the water from getting diverted into the softner section so that's why it doesn't take it.


So give that dispenser roof inside there a good clean as well and make sure all the small holes are clear and that should cure the fault an get it working again from there.


Its quite common on most washers this fault and its always down to a blocked dispenser roof that causes this fault.


If you need anymore info just get back to me.



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