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I have a Lynx SN -ST brand under counter fridge bought in Spain

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I have a Lynx SN -ST brand under counter fridge bought in Spain in 2004.

The numbers on the plate are 4FN315E/02. FD
8407 160623. TYP KAKTF432

Nobody can seem to find this particular model number any more. It is not an autodefrost and it has an internal icebox. It needs a thermostat. I need anything that will work - i do not care what it looks like. Please can you help - is there a universal bosch thermostat that might do the job??
If it's just a straight fridge thermostat then a VC1 universal thermostat should fit.

Check Ebay, search for VC1 and you'll get a long list of them.

If your thermostat capillary tube runs into the liner of the machine, then you need to find a thermostat with the same length of capillary tube.
If it simply goes to the rear wall inside the fridge, the VC1 can be use.

Check it out, see what you think and get back to me if you need more help.
If you do need more help, gain access to your thermostat and you'll find a maker name and some numbers on it.
Ranco K59??????? or similar.
Let me know what is printed on your one.

Hope this helps
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi, thanks for prompt reply as this is driving me demented...problem is, fridge in Spain and me in England and trying to order something to take with me to try fix it (believe it or not,, under counter fridges no longer seem to exist in Spain so I have to mend this one)

I think its a bog standard fridge and in fact what you have done is reassure me that the thermostat I already had ready to buy , which is the VC1, is the best bet. So thanks.

Dont suppose you can send me any link to an idiots guide for how to replace a thermostat??

It's dead simple to replace.
Unfortunately, as the appliance is unknown I don't know where it's actually situated.

However, Wherever the knob for the thermostat is, you need to access that.

If it's the light fitting inside, take it off.
Take the knob off.
There's a nut holding the thermostat.
Take the nut off.

If it's 2 connections, you use terminals 4 and 6 on the new one.

If it's 3 connections then you use 3, 4 and 6.

I'm not counting any earth connections.

If your one isn't marked and it's 3 connections, the normal connection is Brown to 4, Black to 6 and the other wire to 3 (interior light).

If the thermostat is on the top facia of the machine, it has to come out of it's location (if it's integrated) and there's a panel on top covering the thermostat.

Hope this helps
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