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I have a hotpoint tumble dryer model TCM 580 P, which is 6

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I have a hotpoint tumble dryer model TCM 580 P, which is 6 months old. The problem is that having emptied the water channel and replaced, the water light is staying on. I have done everything that the manual says and still the light stays on. Any ideas as to what I can do tot remedy this?
If you want to invalidate the warranty you could open up the machine, take the water pump out and clean out the pump, or replace it if faulty, and pump chamber.
When you reassemble, it will work again.

As it's only 6 months old, you need to get Hotpoint out to it.

If it's blocked with fluff and the condenser is full of fluff, they may not cover it under warranty as it's not technically a breakdown.
So make sure you clean out the condenser and the chamber it fits into before getting them out.

The cleaner the machine is, the less chance of them being able to say it's customer misuse.

If you do go for self repair, unplug the appliance.
At the bottom rear is a bulged container.
Unclip it and hing it outward, lift the top off and you get to the pump and the water reservoir.
Take the pump out.
Clean the pump impellor part and clean out any fluff in the chamber.

Reassemble and it will work again.
If the pump is faulty, it will stop working again with the same fault.

Hope this helps
Let me know if you need more help
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX will not invalidate warranty by opening up, but will make sure everything is clean, which it already is.
Good choice.

It's a fairly simple repair and it shouldn't take them long.

Good luck with it.