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Dear Sirs The element in the bottom oven of my Neff U1721SOGB2

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Dear Sirs

The element in the bottom oven of my Neff U1721SOGB2 Circotherm double oven recently 'blew'. I replaced the element but the oven does not heat up. I then replaced the oven thermostat but the oven still does not heat up. The only remaining part that I can see might be the problem is the thermal cut out but this seems to serve both the top and bottom oven. However, there is no problem with the functionality of the top oven and apart from the element failing to heat all other aspects of the bottom oven appear to function OK including fan, thermostatic light, oven light etc. On the assumption that the brand new 'Bosch' element that I fitted is not faulty then what else might the problem be?

I very much look forward to receiving your advice and thank you in anticipation of same.




From what you say it sounds like the thermal cut out is faulty.

Now each oven on this has its own cut out.

Look near the fan motor on the back in the bottom oven section and you will see the thermal cut out.


The easy way to test this is with a multi meter. But if you don't have a meter then you can bypass it.

join the 2 wires together and insulate them and then try the oven. If the thermal cut is faulty this way it will get hot an prove the faulty part.


Then you need to replace that. Don't be tempted to run like this all the time as the safety side is remove. Its ok for a short time to see if it gets hot like this.


Let me know how it goes.



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