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Gary, Handyman
Category: Appliance
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hi, i am having trouble with my beko dishwasher (de2542fw)

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hi, i am having trouble with my beko dishwasher (de2542fw) i think it needs the programer re setting. would you know how to do that? Technian has done it previously when still under warenty.

Gary :

Hi, and thank you for using Just Answer

Gary :

Can you please tell me what you machine is or isn't doing?

Gary :

I'm going to switch this to Q&A so it will allow us more time to work on your problem.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

just before program finishes, alittle more water is sprayed out and wets the clean dishes. Now the thing drains to start off with and then towards the end of the cycle it doesnt.

I have checked filter and taken it outside and taken off pump hose ..nothing. put it back, doing the same thing.


Thank you for the reply back. This helps, but I need you to clarify something here. During the cycle you mention at the end it doesn't drain ... correct? If so how much water is standing at the bottom on the tub? 2] During the cycle, do you hear any abnormal noises? Any grinding, banging, squeeling, anything that is outside of it's normal sounding noise? 3] refering to the water spraying out, does it do this after the cycle is completed? As in just to upset you because you have nothing better to do type thing? 4] you mentioned that a service person came out and reset the control board, did this machine do the exact same thing, or was it something else?

Please let me know. Thanks
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

1.probably 2 or 3 pints

2.noise the same i think


4.reset for the spraying problem


This suggests there is water in the base of the appliance activating the anti flood device.


Take the panel below the door off.

Remove any water in the base.

The anti flood device will reset.


Try the machine again.


If this doesn't fix the problem, please let me know. Thanks
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Got a programme reset as well?

  1. Open the door of your Beko dishwasher and lower it as far as it will go. Close the dishwasher door firmly and listen to ensure that you hear the door latch engage. Note that if the latch fails to engage properly you will be unable to select or start a new dishwashing cycle. Troubleshoot or replace faulty door latches to unlock the electronic control panel.

  2. Locate the "Start/Stop" button on the dishwasher control panel. Press and hold the "Start/Stop" button for three seconds to cancel the current dishwashing cycle.

  3. Hold down the "Start/Stop" button for five to seven seconds to reset your dishwasher.

Please do this after you do the above mentioned post.

I wish you the best.

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