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Gary, Handyman
Category: Appliance
Satisfied Customers: 246
Experience:  25 yrs experiance in home related repairs..This includes carpentry, electrical, plumbing, appliances
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Ordered model UN300R 001 series No. 39400147 14120407 Hoover.

Customer Question

Ordered model UN300R 001 series No. 39400147 14120407 Hoover. Received it Thursday, put it on 24hr charge the LED light does not come on whilst charging, also it only goes to 75% charge!! Also the filter as shown in booklet show's a flat round 1" thick filter all I have is a cone shape made of ridged pleated thick paper.Have tried to get through to Hoover services but to no avail (surprise)
Do hope you can shed some light on all this, as I did'nt think I would have all this on a brand new Hoover.
Thank you
Georgena Thorne
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Gary replied 3 years ago.

Gary :

Hi Georgens, and thank you for using Just Answer.

Gary :

In reading you question, this is a brand new machine ... correct?

JACUSTOMER-5k9y0lbo- : Yes
Gary :

What is the name of your hoover unit?

JACUSTOMER-5k9y0lbo- : Hoover Unplugge
Gary :

thank you ... hold on a second while I pull up hte manual

Gary :

Ok, got it ...

Gary :

Just to make sure we are on the same page ... this is a wet floor cleaning unit ... correct?

JACUSTOMER-5k9y0lbo- : No, it's a cordless hoover
Gary :

Yes, cordless ... does this unit hold cleaning solution?

JACUSTOMER-5k9y0lbo- : No it's a vacuum cleaner for carpets and floors
Gary :

thank you ... I see hoover has different models here, some of which can do wet/dry cleaning and others dry. can you verify your model number please

JACUSTOMER-5k9y0lbo- : UN300R 001
Gary :

thank you

Gary :

Rechargeable stick vacuum is what you have correct?

JACUSTOMER-5k9y0lbo- : Yes that's right
Gary :

Thank you ... the model number is "UNP300R" ...

JACUSTOMER-5k9y0lbo- : No, it's UN 300R 001
Gary :

I understand ... Hoover just changed it ... same unit but when they do something different they change the model number. You must have gotten one towards the end of their first model which explains the problem you are having

JACUSTOMER-5k9y0lbo- : Oh great
Gary :

does your unit have the "turbo" on it?

JACUSTOMER-5k9y0lbo- : Yes
Gary :

Thanks, please give me a minute so I can see what they did different ...

Gary :

OK, this is a new line for hoover. You say that the book shows a round filter and you have a cone shape one ... this was one change done by hoover company. Does this filter fit into your machine?

JACUSTOMER-5k9y0lbo- : Yes the cone shape does
Gary :

That's fine ... the "manual" just hasn't caught up yet which is not uncommon. Now this filter says it's washable ... since I'm not there to look at it, does it look like you can wash it out?

JACUSTOMER-5k9y0lbo- : Being as it's made of a rigid pleated hard paper I don't know
Gary :

Was this a mail order purchase?

Gary :

or did you buy it from a store?

JACUSTOMER-5k9y0lbo- : Yes from Amazon
Gary :

Well that explains it ... Nothing against Amazon, or any other online store but you need to send this unit back. Stores such as these buy up in volume and store them in a warehouse. They will not buy anymore until their supply is gone, and it is not uncommon for sales like these to be in between the cross hares of model changes. In which I think you are caught up in. When new products come out, it is not uncommon for companies to do changes while in production to "fix" flaws. This being said, is why you have a machine that doesn't look like the manual. As for the battery problem it could be one of two things ... 1] it could be the battery or 2] the LED light don't work. Either case this gives you enough reason to claim warantee and return the item. In going through the Hoover manual, and other product books I have, this vacuum is too new yet for anyone to get an idea of problems, much less parts. However said, there is a lot of good reviews out there for it. So you are on the right track in getting this, just that I'm sorry that you got caught up like this.

Gary :

Not what you wanted to hear I'm sure ..

JACUSTOMER-5k9y0lbo- : No not at all, but thank you
Gary :

You can call Amazon and see what they can do for you

Gary :

They are a good company with customer service

JACUSTOMER-5k9y0lbo- : Ok thank's bye
Gary :

Thank you, if you have any other questions, please ask.