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Re Philips Energy Bulb 20w or 95 w Ref 1320. Tornado TwistI

Customer Question

Re Philips Energy Bulb 20w or 95 w Ref 1320. Tornado Twist I purchased the above. Bulb in Supervalue, Clane seven days ago. I have only got 5 nights' service from it when it blew. I am disappointed in this performance as those units are eXpensive. This has occurred also some time ago with another Energy bulb. would you pleAse advise if you refund in these situations because if not I may decide to revert to the old bulbs (pre energy) as energy bulbs that last for such a short period are not economical. Would you please forward this to the relevant department. Thank you Rita XXXX Phone **********

Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Techdesk replied 3 years ago.


Techdesk :

Hiya, sorry, this isn't Philips, you've posted on Just Answer. Is there a question I can help with?

JACUSTOMER-2ivitggq- : My problem is with a Philips Energy bulb which lasted only 5 days. See my first email.
Techdesk :

OK, once again, do you realise, this isn't Philips

JACUSTOMER-2ivitggq- : I sent my first email to Philips. Can you advise who do I write to with my problem
Techdesk :

No, you have clicked on a link on the Philips website that took you to Just Answer. You need to take this up with the shop you purchased it from. I'll opt out of this now as it's tying me up and you don't actually have a question I can earn from.

JACUSTOMER-2ivitggq- : I am unhappy with your attitude when you state I am tying you up and I don't have a question you can earn from. I have given you cr card details so I request that you cancel this and I will advise Philips to make their PR section more available to their customers .
Techdesk :

WE ARE NOT PHILIPS. WE HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM. Please stop posting replies to me.