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emianplumbing, Home Appliance Technician
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Good morning-Drayton zone valve possibly passing water. I

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Good morning-Drayton zone valve possibly passing water.
I have the old style system of heat only boiler with a hot water indirect cylinder. The system uses two Drayton Zone valves-one for the CHtg and one for the hot water. With the heating selected to OFF but hot water selected to ON we now find we get flow through to the radiators. I have checked the heating zone valve. The actuator is in the closed position as it should be. I have taken the actuator off and the valve spindle is in the correct closed position and moves freely. Even If I hold the spindle on the flats to keep it seated in the closed position we get a flow through the valve. Seems to me the valve is passing and I need to replace it even though its only 5 years old. Would you agree with this diagnosis. Finally- the installations instruction do not say teh valve need installing in a specific orientation but it seems to me that it should be installed so that the flow help to seat the valve-do you agree? Your commenst would be much appreciated before I set about draing down and replacing the valve body. Regards, ***** ***** (*****@******.***)

emianplumbing :

Hi Joe. I would say you are correct on all counts. I Don,t know about Drayton valves I don't use them, but I thought Danfoss had a directional arrow. 5 years old is pretty good going by the way. When you drain down dont forget to put in some more inhibitor. Best regards Brian

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