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The detergent dispenser door in my Bosch Classixx dishwasher

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The detergent dispenser door in my Bosch Classixx dishwasher has stopped opening automatically when the dishwasher starts. If I press the blue button it does open. Suggestions please.
Do you have, and can you use, a multimeter?

How are your diy skills?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Dont have or have used a multimeter, diy skills ok.

OK, there's only 3 possible causes for this fault.
The dispenser coil is faulty and not triggering when voltage is applied.
The wiring to the dispenser is faulty.
The control board is faulty.

I'm afraid the only way to narrow it down is to test with a multimeter.
Do you have anyone that can do this for you?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I can do that tomorrow, is it ok if I rate you after that? just let me know how I access them.

No problem, don't rate until it's done and you're happy.

To access the dispenser, Unplug the appliance.
Take the décor door off if it's an integrated machine, then take the outer door off. (just the outer door if free standing).

Once off you'll see the dispenser and the wiring to it.
Disconnect the wiring from the coil and test it with a meter to see if it's open circuit.
Refit the wires.
Hook the meter leads to the wiring.

Plug the machine in, set it on a program.
Watch the meter to see if the dispenser is powered.

If it's open circuit, the dispenser needs to be replaced.
If it's being powered and not opening, the dispenser needs to be replaced.

If not being powered, test the wiring between the control board and the dispenser to see if it's broken.
If ok, the control is at fault.

If you use all in one tablets, you can just put them in the cutlery basket.
The different chemicals in them dissolve at different temperatures and time.
It will work just the same.

Let me know what you find.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

OK I'll try that tomorrow and then try to get back to you. Do you have an email address I should use or go through 'Just Answer'?

You have to post on here.
You'll have links to it in the emails you've been receiving.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi again, I've run the dishwasher twice since talking to you yesterday and it has worked fine, (it failed to work 3 times in the previous 7 days) so I'm going to leave it alone for the time being. Should the problem arise again I've got your replies saved and I'll implement them as and when needed. Thanks for your help, I'm very satisfied with your responses. Is there anywhere else I need to post my satisfaction?

Thanks for letting me know.

Glad it seems to have sorted itself out.

if you could rate the help it will end the process.

Good luck with the appliance.

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