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Experience:  Whitegoods engineer working for a multibranded national company in the UK
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Our machine was mid cycle when I heard a loud bang and saw

a flash from the top... Show More
a flash from the top front rhs - close to where the controls are. The MCB on our consumer unit tripped but not the RCD. I have reset the mcb and replaced the fuse in the washing machine's plug but we do not seem to be getting any power on the control panel - display and all LEDs are illuminated.

Is there likely to be anything we can reasonably replace to get the machine working again?
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Unplug the appliance.
Take the top off.

Have a look at the control board, is it burned out?

What was the machine doing at the time?
Emptying? Filling? Spinning? Washing? Heating?

Customer reply replied 3 years ago.

There was a smell of burning when I opened the top but there's nothing obviously burned out - no melting that I can see. The white unit just behind the main selector looks a little blackened.


The machine was spinning or about to spin - there was no water in the drum but the washing is very wet and soapy.

OK, thanks for that.

Can you post the E-Nr number of the machine from the label in the door recess please?

Customer reply replied 3 years ago.

It is WF02466GB/01 FD8405 602897


The board, if blackened a little and smelling of burning, has failed.

As the machine was spinning at the time, it also suggests the motor may have been the cause of the board failure.

Worn out carbon brushes or a damaged armature on the motor can cause arcing, which can damage the board.
Any fault on the motor can also do this.

I'm afraid you would be looking at an expensive repair if it needs both a board and motor.

The board itself is over £215 from Bosch.

At 10 years old you would need to decide whether or not it's worth repairing the machine.

Check British Gas and Knowhow (Currys), see if they cover your area.
British Gas charge £125 inclusive of parts and labour (don't tell them what's actually wrong, just it's not working at all) and no charge if they can't repair.
You need to check with Knowhow and obtain a quote.

Sorry, not good news or a quick simple fix.
If a motor is required too, that would be around £400 in parts.

Hope this helps
Let me know if you need more help.
Customer reply replied 3 years ago.

Yes - I think a new machine may be the best option now. Thank you.


Thanks for letting me know.

Good luck with the new appliance.