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Rob, Home Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
Satisfied Customers: 420
Experience:  20 yrs. experience with a major worldwide manufacturer.
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Hi I have a dualit toaster model # ***** gb. It tripped the

Customer Question

Hi I have a dualit toaster model # ***** gb.
It tripped the main rcd and I'd like to know if a broken element would cause that or what else it could be?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  canuck the pro replied 3 years ago.

canuck the pro :

Hi, my name is Mike and I have been in the home improvement and repair field for 20 years. I will be very glad to help you today. Yes, if the element is broken that is exactly what would happen. Do you have a multi-meter and do you know how to use it?

JACUSTOMER-4fuixdtr- : Yes, I've got one of those
canuck the pro :

If you check the continuity on the element that will tell you everything. If there is no continuity then the element is needing replacement.

JACUSTOMER-4fuixdtr- : There is continuity on each element
canuck the pro :

But when you plug it in the main trips?

JACUSTOMER-4fuixdtr- : Yes,
canuck the pro :

If you plug anything else into the same plug it does not trip?

JACUSTOMER-4fuixdtr- : No, the socket is fine. Just when the toaster gets turned on
canuck the pro :

If the socket is fine then the issue is the thermal resistor in the toaster. The thermal resister is not working and the toaster heats until it trips the breaker.

JACUSTOMER-4fuixdtr- : It will not heat up at all it trips as soon as the timer is turned
canuck the pro :

I see. Have you already taken it apart then?

JACUSTOMER-4fuixdtr- : I have taken the base off. Not dismantled anything though
canuck the pro :

Do you know how to solder electronics?

canuck the pro :

It would sound as if there is a short or cold solder joint on the timer that is causing it to short. If you find any solder joints that look dull instead of shiny those would be the cold solder joints that need touching up.

JACUSTOMER-4fuixdtr- : it has no solder joints. As I said it is a dualit 4CB GB
canuck the pro :

Internally there are solder joints on the board and timer and the power board. You will have to do surgery to find the issue though.

JACUSTOMER-4fuixdtr- : i have choked the timr
JACUSTOMER-4fuixdtr- : checked the timer and it is working
JACUSTOMER-4fuixdtr- : using the multimeter
canuck the pro :

Is your plan to repair it? You will have to go a little further into disassembling it to see what is at issue.

canuck the pro :

I am not sure why you have rated me badly. What I am suggesting is just how the fault would be found.

JACUSTOMER-4fuixdtr- : I'm sorry, but it was advertised that you were a dualit expert. If so, you should have known what to do. They don't seem to be complicated for an expert.
canuck the pro :

It is not complicated. I explained what to do and if you take it to a repair shop they are going to do the same. I am an expert in repair just like anyone in a repair shop would be. There is not a reset button or anything that can be pushed or reset. I am willing to help you fix your toaster and have been helping you. I guess that translates to bad service then?