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My Siemens dishwasher does not appear to be heating up as well

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My Siemens dishwasher does not appear to be heating up as well as it used to and the dishwasher tablet is not dissolving completely on a normal wash cycle. What are the possible reasons for this
Can you post the E-Nr number of the machine please?
It may be very faintly etched across the top of the inner door.

At the end of the cycle (as soon as it ends) if you open the door, does steam come out?

Set the machine on a wash, once it's washing, open the door, set the arms to a front to rear position.
Close the door and resume washing.
After 2 minutes, open the door to check if the arms have moved.

Let me know what you find.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Model No : SE60T392GB/06

Steam does not come out at end of cycle

I have just done the test you suggested and arms are moving: I also have noticed that after the soap door clicks open: the water coming into the appliance is still cold

OK, start a new wash.

When it's washing, open the door and add a couple of jugs of water to bring the water level up.
Close the door and let it continue washing. (it will pump out excess water).

Check a few times during the wash, before it empties for the rinses, to see if it's heating.

Let me know what you find.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

After adding the jugs of water the water started heating up and when the door was opened steam came out just as it used to

OK, thanks for that.

The problem with your machine is restrictions in the pressure chamber and the transfer hose between the wash pump motor and the pressure chamber.

Unplug the appliance.
You will need to take the appliance out of it's integrated position to work on it.

Once out, take the left side panel off.
Take the panel below the door off.

Take the large plastic tank on the left side off.
(water will come out of it so have towels there to soak it up).
Take the smaller pressure chamber out.
Take the chamber fully apart (it all clips together) and clean it out thoroughly.
Take the hose attached to the front of the pressure chamber off at both ends.
Clean it out and refit it.

Reassemble the machine and try it again.

If it's all clean and clear, it should now work properly.

Obviously, if you cannot do the work yourself, you'll need to get someone in to do it for you.

Hope this helps
Let me know how it goes or if you need more help
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you very much for your help so far. Is there any chance of sending me an exploded or labelled diagram of the pressure chamber, hose locations etc?

When you take the left side panel off, you'll see the large plastic tank (metering tank) and below it the smaller pressure chamber.
The transfer hose will require the panel below the door to be taken off.

You don't need a diagram, just take the panels off and you'll see the items.

However, if you really need one, copy and paste the following into a new browser window.

Bring up the exploded view (spare parts list and diagrams) and click on page 4.
Item 0410 is the pressure chamber.
0415 is the transfer hose
0400 is the metering tank.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The metering tank is full of water, Is this normal and if so what is the best way of minimising leakage when I remove it

Yes, it's normal.
There's no way to minimise leaking.
Put a towel there and when you lift it off, get the water outside the machine.