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Hotpoint aquarius fdl570 dishwasher - "salt, rinseaid, wash,

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Hotpoint aquarius fdl570 dishwasher - "salt, rinseaid, wash, drying & end" lights all flashing. I have searched the net, but cannot find the fault code. Can anyone help please??
The flashing lights indicate a fault with the flow meter (turbine).

Unplug the appliance.
Take the left side panel off (and any others necessary).
You'll see the large plastic tank.
At the bottom right of this tank is the flow meter.
Unplug it and plug it back on several times.

Then, try the machine again.

Let me know what happens.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Done that - fiddly isnt it! - I am guessing it is the very small white plug with 2 thin wires to it? That is what I have done anyway - switched on but fault has reappeared after about 5 minutes of running(the 5 lights as above flashing). Should I retry the step above? (the side is still off the machine). Awaiting your advice..... Richard

Yes, try it again.

However, if it's been washing for 5 minutes then it doesn't make logical sense.

or, did you mean, it was emptying and filling for 5 minutes.

The salt and rinse aid lights flash for any fault, it's the other lights that indicate the fault.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Have just done that. However, the lights flash immediately I vave plugged back in & turned the power on. Not doing any more until I hear from u.

Re yr question above, it might have been emptying filling but I could not see any water in it! - just looked again - no water.

OK, your machine is reporting a fault in the flow meter circuit.

This can be the flow meter which you've been unplugging and plugging back in (cleans the connection electrically doing this), the wiring or the main board.

Check the wiring between the main board and the flow meter.
Ensure the connections are good.

Then plug in and try again.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi. Thanks for your patience. I have just had the bottom off the machine & traced the wiring round so I am as confident as I can be of connections etc. Just turned on & am waiting to see what happens. It sounds as if water is trickling in. Fingers crossed!!!

Please reply to this so I can get back to you with outcome etc.

Thanks so far..... Richard.

Good luck with it.

Bit hard this typing lark, when you've got your fingers crossed.

Let me know how it goes.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I thought we had cured it - but the same fault has just come up again. Anything else I can try?

Sorry, that's it, you need to start replacing parts.

Either the flow meter is faulty or the main board is.

If you can test the wiring with a multimeter, it rules the wiring out.

Sorry it's not a simple fix.

If you are repairing it yourself, the main board needs to be programmed after fitting, this requires expensive, special equipment.
All new boards are supplied blank.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for all your efforts. I am thinking of new machine, as cost of repairs etc may well, from what you say, be a substantial proportion of the cost!

I havent used this website before, so don't know what happens now. Please reply if needsbe so I can rate (which will be excellent), & I guess, pay despite no fix (Hope that doesn't sound ungrateful!).

Thank you again for your patient explanation ...... Richard.

Fixed price repair from Hotpoint would be around £120 inclusive of parts and labour.

You need to call them to check on their latest prices and plans if you decide to repair.

Good luck with the new appliance (or repair).


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