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AET 86741 washing machine -loaded to wash but no power at all

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AET 86741 washing machine -loaded to wash but no power at all . Plug socket is working, plug fuse changed. Worked fine 2days ago. Now full of dirty clothes and door won't open - what do I check & how do I get the clothes out? Seems like it has ' locked out'
Has the machine stopped full of water?
If it has, try manually draining the water via the filter and see if the door then opens.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
No water -basically I filled it with clothes, shut the door and when I turned from off to the programme there is no power at all -I can't even open the door to get the clothes out. I would have guessed it was a power problem so I checked the. Plug and socket and both are fine -any idea how to open the door even?
If there's no power there's nothing to keep the door locked.

Unplug it
Wait 10 minutes
Try opening the door.

Does the door handle feel loose or, is there resistance as you pull on it before it gets to the end of it's travel?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
This model doesn't have a door handle -it is only released by pressing the door/light button
OK, thanks for that.

There's 14 versions of the model number, I've picked the wrong version.

If there's no pull cord by the filter the only way to open the door is to take the machine out, take the top off and reach down inside to manually open the door at the lock.
The tip of the latch should be poking through, push it over toward the door and it should open.
(unplug first of course).

If it's an integrated machine, you could try using a length of string or thin wire.
Feed it into the gap around the door.
Work it in and around so both ends are opposing the handle.
Pull on both ends sideways to unlock the door.

Try it, let me know how you get on.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thanks - I have to go out urgently -I will have to try this later , although its not even obvious how to take the top off
No problem.

You'll need to look at the rear if it's a free standing machine.
Should be screws somewhere.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Can you think of any reason why there would be no power to the machine? Is there a safety lockout or similar , it seems odd as the machine has never shown any signs of a problem
No safety lockout.

I'd suspect a board failure but you would need to test the wiring from the plug to the board.
If power gets to the board and there's nothing there, the board has failed.

You would also need to test for an underlying fault that may be causing the failure.

Test the wiring first, see what you find.

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