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I owned a Bosch Class XX 1000 Express from new since 2006. The

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I owned a Bosch Class XX 1000 Express from new since 2006.
The machine has not broken down before and it is never overloaded when used.
Cleaning tablets are regularly applied to it to maintain maximum efficiency.

Recently, it seems to be causing the main circuit breaker to trip when a wash program is running. However, the circuit breaker is not affected if the machine is on spinning mode.
I used another heavy duty cable to plug it on but the breaker still trips when a wash program is running.
I am tempted to replace the machine but would like to know whether it is economical to have the problem rectified.
Try it on a cold wash or rinses and spin.
Does it trip?

How are your diy skills and toolkit?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Tried rinse and spin & breaker does not trip.

My diy skills are lousy and I do not possess much toolkit apart from some spanners and screw drivers.

OK, if it only trips on the wash it suggests the heater is at fault.
As the machine tries to heat the water, it leaks to earth (electrically) and trips the RCD in your fuse box.

A new heater would cure the problem.

Unfortunately, you need good diy skills and a fairly decent tool kit with Torx drivers or bits.

Can you post the E-Nr number of the appliance?
It's on a label in the door recess.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

E-Nr WFL2066GB/01FD8405601244

Thanks for that.

The numbers you've posted are for a 10 year old appliance.

The heater, if replaced, should cure the problem you describe.

A genuine Bosch heater costs around £50 and a pattern spare around £30.
Add the cost of an engineer, £50 to £100, depending on where you live in the country and you have your machine running again.

It's worth phoning a couple of local repairers to see what they would charge to supply and fit a heater.

A fixed price repair from British Gas, if they cover your area, would be £125 inclusive of parts and labour. Check their website for details of the offer.

Check it out, see what you think and see if you think it's worth spending the money on repairing or toward replacing.

Hope this helps
Let me know how it goes or if you need more help
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