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I have a single De Dietriech fridge and the back of the fridge

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I have a single De Dietriech fridge and the back of the fridge is icing over. The temp showing in the window is a small 0.
The internal temp showing on an independent thermometer is about +10, although the thermostat is set at +7. The motor appears to be running all the time.
Suggestions of possible cause would be appreciated. Thanks

canuck the pro :

Hi, my name is ***** ***** I have been in the home improvement and repair field for 20 years. I will be very glad to help you today. There are a few issues this may be.

canuck the pro :

The evaporator may be iced up and the heater that melts the ice on it is not able to melt the ice in between cycles as it should.

canuck the pro :

This is caused by a few things. It could have been caused by items in the freezer blocking the vent. It could be that the door was not completely closed a few times. It could be that the setting is too high or it could be that there is a mechanical issue.

canuck the pro :

To fix it it is quite simple. Remove all items and unplug the power. Leave the doors open and allow it to defrost for at least 24 hours. Before restarting clean the inside really well, especially the bottom of the fridge where the condensate drain is.

Customer: Thank you very much.
Customer: i will unplug it now and see what happens after 24 hours. Will keep you posted
canuck the pro :

Very good.

Customer: Hi
Customer: the fridge was switched on again at 4pm yesterday after cleaning immediately showed the temperature of 18degrees and gradually reduced over the next couple of hours when it then showed the small 0 in the temp window.
Customer: what should I do next since there was no change overnight?
Customer: any suggestions would be much appreciated.
Customer: regards ***** *****
canuck the pro :

It seems there is a leak on the coolant. It was either what I had suggested before or the worst. If after defrosting and cleaning it never got cold then the issue unfortunately is that the coolant has leaked out slowly. Adding coolant and fixing the leak can be quite difficult to repair and only licensed technicians can purchase and apply the coolant. It will not be economically reasonable to repair. I am very sorry about your fridge.

Customer: I have now consulted the maker's 'technician' and an independent seller. They believe the insulation inside the back panel may have 'broken down' and the summer ambient temp. makes the fridge unable to cool to the thermostat level.
Customer: the end judgement is the same as yours, that at 7 years old, it's time to cut my losses and get a new one. Neither of the independents recommended the same make replacement.
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