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Gary, Handyman
Category: Appliance
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Experience:  25 yrs experiance in home related repairs..This includes carpentry, electrical, plumbing, appliances
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nect wqp12 9319, goes through the cycle the bleaps 20 tim

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nect wqp12 9319, goes through the cycle the bleaps 20 times

Gary :

Hi and thank you for using Just Answer

Gary :

Can you tell me if any fault codes comes up?

Gary :

I'm going to switch this to Q&A so we can have more time to resolve your problem. Please follow the instructions, and your reply will come right back to me. Thanks

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

no fault only 20 beeps at the end of the cycle.


If no faults show up, then can you tell me if your dishwasher works like it should?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

yes except there is no heat


Thank you for your reply. The beeping is referring to an error code, one that apparently doesn't show up on your machine. On the display board you should see a code displaying "E and then a number 1 - 7" These codes will direct you to the location of the problem on the machine.

The problem with your machine is one of two 1] the temperature sensor has failed. To check this out you would need to make sure the wires are not loose, burnt or otherwise damaged either at the sensor or at the control module. If the wires check out fine, then look at the sensor. 2] Your heating element is faulted. Again you will need to check the wires at the element and at the control module. With an OHM meter, you can check the element. If you get no reading on the meter then the element is bad.

As for the display board not showing any error codes, I don't know what to say there. I find it rather odd that it doesn't but at least the alarm works indicating something is wrong. Would I replace it? For the price ... no ... since the machine is still working. I would however remind you that with this machine you can overdose it and it will also trigger an error code.

3 In 1 Tablets + Salt + Rinse Aid = Overdose. Separate detergent, salt and rinse aid we recommend for this appliance. This is for your reference.

Anyway I would look to your heating sensor and element first to see if any of these two has failed. If you have any other questions, please ask. I wish you the best.
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