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I am trying to warm up my aga which I turned off a week ago.

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I am trying to warm up my aga which I turned off a week ago. How do you start it up again?

Plumberpro : Hi . Did you turn the gas control knob off ?
Plumberpro : Hi . You turn the temp control to lowest point, then turn gas control knob to the off position, both knobs fully clockwise. Then turn the gas control knob anti clockwise to the ignition position(with flame symbol) . Press down and hold for 5 seconds allowing gas to flow to the burner,still holding down turn to pilot position and hold down for 10 seconds . The piezo will start to light, . When the burner is alight, turn anti clockwise to on position. Repeat the steps if burner fails to light .
Customer: It is an electric aga...
Customer: I turned it off a week ago and cannot turn it on again. Is there a way to restart it?
Plumberpro : Have you turned the power on ? Is the fuse on at the fuse board. Is the isolation switch on at the appliance ? Do you have a time clock?
Customer: The fan works, but not the neon light. No time clock o
Plumberpro : It will take a long time to heat up, can you remember what you did when you turned it off ?
Customer: on aga. Have an AIMS device
Customer: i turned it off last Saturday and tinr
Customer: turnedtuner turned it on at 11am today
Customer: i just turned the dial to the mid point between the AIMS and the manual handicon
Plumberpro : Hi . Make sure control knob is on AIMS. Press I on remote to check what it is set at
Customer: It says off
Plumberpro : Ok . Can you set the date and time first . Press the clock button
Plumberpro : Use the plus an minus buttons to set
Plumberpro : Have turned the manual control knob to AIMS ?
Customer: Set and turned to aims - still says off
Plumberpro : Ok . On first starting , it should be run on manual for a couple of days first on manual , before turning to AIMS. Turn control knob to manual and adjust temp , run for two days , then change over to AIMS.
Customer: We started it on manual but nothing happened after 6 hrs no heat at all - fan works but blue light not coming on
Plumberpro : What setting is the temperature knob at
Plumberpro : Does the fan run?
Plumberpro : Sorry , you said fan runs but no light.
Plumberpro : Have you tried resetting by turning off the power for two mins and then back on
Plumberpro : Also , can you check the fan is actually spinning
Customer: Well done - now it's working - heating up nicely
Plumberpro : That's great, so pleased for you ,
Plumberpro : Would you mind rating me please , thanks. , Toby
Plumberpro : Hi , hope your aga is still going well , please don't forget to rate my answer, thanks. , Toby
Plumberpro : Hi. Hope the aga is still running ok . Would you mind rating my answer please. , thanks. , Toby
Plumberpro : Hi . Could you please rate your answer . Thanks
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